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The increased global warming in an area due to the industries polluting air . Why Are The Reactions To Covid-19 Quicker Than Climate Change? 21/4/21
hello yes , it's possible for it to be . Impact of the pandemic 29/4/21
I'm artist and I will create beautiful designs to beatify the world. #36 Work for the world! 24/5/21
hi , plastic has done good by protecting the environment through reducing waste thus... when can plastic items be used for a good course and bad course? 13/5/21
Hello' * they have led to poor health because if one is affected on can easily spread it... Impact of the pandemic 29/4/21
Environmental effects of COVID -19 have also affect the economic actives of a country thus... THE ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF COVID 21/4/21
My biggest rule in the environment is to harmonies the environment .i being a leader of one... #35 Make a rule! 18/5/21
The oil and gas are far from being clean energy source . the extraction of nature gas also... To what extent are climate activists able to truly affect the day to day operation of the crude... 13/5/21
"the earth is like a delicate egg 🥯 🥯 " when you see it's ,it's like you siting in a... #34 Caption this! 11/5/21