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I agree with all these comments but we as people we should prepare ourselves for situations like... Response and preventative measures against extreme weather 11/5/20
It is better to ask ourselves how are we prepared to face other pandemics in future. Like for... Session 4: Making adaptations 13/5/20
I think what the world leaders have learnt from this coronavirus pandemic is preparedness. They... Speech to world leaders 28/5/20
I have learnt more information about the extreme weather conditions in this platform. I... Your feedback - tell us what you think! 26/5/20
HOW LOCKDOWN AFFECTS YOUR MENTAL HEALTH :find about how this coronavirus virus lock down issues... #36 - Head to headlines 15/5/20
Because it more dangerous too because In my knowledge there is no oxygen up there, so what if... Why do we go to space in the first place? 13/5/20
I am a student from kenya and for sure we here in kenya we consider ourselves lucky because... Your feedback - tell us what you think! 20/5/20
success in years to come will depend mostly in their unity and solidarity as leaders and not... The Labour leadership race 13/5/20
Wow that is nice The Power of Leadership 26/5/20
Woow! What a nice speech, well done. EXTREME WEATHER CHALLENGE. 29/5/20
Eventually it's always said that prevention is better than curation. Regardless of the fact that... Session 4: Making adaptations 13/5/20
Another thing that the pandemic has taught us is that we are all equal and we all have one... Speech to world leaders 28/5/20
Thank you quite bell! Speech to world leaders 28/5/20
Carbon emissions has decreased because there are fewer flights Session 4: Making adaptations 14/5/20