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"The earth 🌎 is in our hand". And it is our choice to save it.Any decision that we take and has... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
I will like to invent a machine barring a radical reduction of global greenhouse gas ,... #33 Invention test! 30/4/21
I would like to invent a machine that can tell a feature coming disease /infection and a cure to... #33 Invention test! 30/4/21
May God bless you , BRAVO!!! #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Hi, I am brilliant cloud from Nigeria #31 Start the conversation! 21/4/21
Hi , I am brilliant_cloud from Nigeria . An African country located in West Africa on the Gulf... #31 Start the conversation! 21/4/21
Then , even if you think it's an acrostic poem , it's a good advice . #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Yes action can either have impact now or in the future. #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
That's nice make it more elaborate #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Hi, please my first question is to Tsitsi:does this organization have less or more impact about... Ask an expert! 05/5/21
I Love this. #32 A fresh start! 29/4/21
Hello Katie, please, I mistakenly add the above comment please can I rewrite or continue? #33 Invention test! 06/5/21
Hi,I totally agree with you. Session 3: what's the best option? 04/5/21
The above poem is for my fellow students ,it is a poem of two stanzas known as coplet,stanza two... #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
I will like to invent a robot performing same function as the ozone layer.But this robot will... #33 Invention test! 06/5/21
You're still on point keep trying. #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
This is wonderful love it. #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
You are right. #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
Nice try, but not in point. #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Poem is so encouraging enigmatic_technology, and the name eni #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
I love your point dear .And have passion for it . #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Focus on your future , Realizing your mistakes , Encouraging yourself and others , Struggling... #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Please l don't think You are on point. #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
F. Finding solutions and ways on how to build back greener. R. Reasoning and researching on... #32 A fresh start! 29/4/21
I would like to invent a machine with solar panels that can perform the same function as the... #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Though it is a small planet, but the people in it are ambitious and I believe with these... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
I salute you #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Hi it's brilliant_cloud .I will like to invent solar panels and wind turbines, turns sun and... #33 Invention test! 30/4/21