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I think that young people might join gangs because they think that they will not have a big... Why are young people joining gangs? 21/1/19
I think that we can decrease knife crime by making the punishment stronger to make people want... How can we decrease crime in England and Wales to make it a safer place for young people? 21/1/19
I think that criminals are made because a newborn babies can't go out on the streets and start... Going into detail... Part 1: Are criminals born or made? 21/1/19
They might not just be influenced by their friends or family, they can also be influenced by... Are criminals BORN or MADE ? 21/1/19
I think Gangs mean to commit a crime. They might have everything planned out on a sheet of paper... Do Gang Members Mean To Commit A Crime? 29/1/19
I got 7/8! I am proud of myself. Quiz! What have you learnt so far? 21/1/19
I think young people are forced to join gangs. are people : forced , made , or born into gangs ? 21/1/19
I think violent crime is increasing because people now think that they can get away with it... Why are violent crimes are incresing? 21/1/19