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It is not good to join gangs because it is very bad for you. Gangs are not people young people... Is it good to join a Gang? 01/4/19
Direct democracy is when the majority choose and in my opinion is fair . However indirect... What is direct democracy and indirect democracy and which ones better? 01/4/19
This is very true and I strongly agree. Also violent crime is becoming a major problem... No Knife is a Better Life! 01/4/19
Racism have to not be used Racism is unacceptable! 21/1/19
It hurts thier family's feelings and if they really care it actually can affect the way they... Is there such thing as a victimless crime? - Initial thoughts 21/1/19
We have gangs because of what they did previously in their lives. So this was not told to parents . Why do we have gangs? 21/1/19
I would say that we should put more secret police so if they are attacked they can stop it . How can we stop crime? 07/3/19
This is true knives should be used for that doesn't do any harm. I'm a knife - why use me to take another life? 01/4/19
Racism is bad and unkind Racism is unacceptable! 31/1/19