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Sorry I didn’t have much time but how we can make it better is ether going back to cavemen... Who will get the blame 28/6/19
Sorry it’s not that good since I was in a rush so you might realise that it might have some... I wonder what will happen when the sun collides with us??? 05/7/19
Sure I will work on it do you want to give me ideas🙂 Bye bye Theresa May 05/4/19
What is Brexit? What Is Brexit? 08/3/19
Thanks Bye bye Theresa May 14/6/19
Ok I am doing a Donald trump wall post Bye bye Theresa May 24/5/19
Thanks for the advice Look at what they do, not what he says 24/5/19
Thanks What Is Brexit? 15/3/19
Nice dude good post j Improving our skills 24/5/19
Omg thanks so much for replieing! Bye bye Theresa May 29/3/19
But yeah I enjoyed it BNC live event 14/6/19
I think BNC is a child friendly news club from schools from ALL THE WORLD and is great for not... BNC live event 05/4/19
Cool Weekly Competition #34 24/5/19
Yeah nice post dude Improving our skills 14/6/19