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I can see what you mean but we don’t have to fight China Honk Kong crisis 22/10/19
Violence is not always the answer and China need us as well so I don’t think they will stop trading Honk Kong crisis 22/10/19
I got 16 out of 20 and also, thank you for making this quiz because I learnt more about the... Quiz: Test your Hong Kong knowledge! 21/10/19
Thank you very much Letter to my MP 22/10/19
I think you could make this a bit longer and maybe check if it makes sense a bit more Hong Kong at crisis 23/10/19
i like this letter but i feel it could be longer and maybe have more facts to back up your... Letter to my MP 22/10/19
I understand your agreement but why do u kinda don't want to intervene Letter to my MP 22/10/19
I think there're really good reasons. Would you protest? 28/10/19
I understand your reasons and i agree I understand what you have said and i agree but how do we... Should we help? 22/10/19
I would like to ask Stephen Fry this question: if you could invite any three people to a dinner... Ask Stephen Fry! 10/6/20
I think that was a great piece of writing and it taught me more about the crisis in Hong Kong ... SHOULD WE INTERVENE! 22/10/19
I think that your point about brexit is very good but I don’t see how it would start ww3 if we... Letter to my MP 22/10/19
I think this is a great letter to send to your MP A letter to my local MP 22/10/19
Personally, I wouldn't protest because I think it has too much violence involved and also I... Would you protest? 23/10/19
I really like this letter and think it has very good vocabulary and gives good facts to support... Should we help? 22/10/19