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The cartoon character with the first picture, the globe and Corona. The second drawing: The... Session 2: how can we "build back greener"? 27/4/21
1. 2021 2.f Urbanization and an underlying lack of understanding of the downsides brought... CAT group | Week 3 Cluster Conversation 06/5/21
F: Follow the rules of the school. R: Repair the washing machin. E : Eat healthy food. S:... #32 A fresh start! 26/4/21
1. There is no way that might help without government intervention, which helps win people's... Session 1: the environment and covid-19 28/4/21
Not every end is necessarily a loss, some endings are necessary and motivating, but rather... Session 1: the environment and covid-19 24/4/21
"Perhaps tomorrow life will be all but diluted." In my short sentence, I mean that God Almighty... #34 Caption this! 08/5/21
1-The issue of climate change in Palestine has become of great importance, and awareness has... Session 3: what's the best option? 04/5/21
Hello my friends, I am the little discoverer: I invented a new idea to protect my environment,... #33 Invention test! 01/5/21
I am Arab, I am Palestine, my homeland, I am Jerusalem, my heart, I am Gaza, my country, I am... #31 Start the conversation! 20/4/21
Hello, I am from Palestine, welcome to you, free world I am from the Arab countries of the... #31 Start the conversation! 22/4/21
Cartoon character corona and planet earth caricature, What happens: The globe is trying to... Session 2: how can we "build back greener"? 27/4/21
Painting houses - Agriculture - Reduces car use - Energy conservation - Do not run fires -... #33 Invention test! 02/5/21
Welcome to the bride of the earth and the blessing of the Messenger of God, may God bless him... #31 Start the conversation! 22/4/21
1_Living in a temperate region, do not feel the rest of the climates. _That his body is able... Session 4: who has the power? 10/5/21
1-I made a frash stant in my life When I fail in tow examps when I was llyears old 2-I decide... Session 1: the environment and covid-19 25/4/21
Peace be upon you. Photo 1_World leder Photo2_Climate a ctivist Photo3_ Student... Session 3: what's the best option? 06/5/21
(F) Facing life (R) Resist pollution (E) Erase the past (S) surpasses coalition capacity... #32 A fresh start! 26/4/21
_Biodegradable Coolers. _Living chandelier. _Drainage Pipe Nets. _Plastic-Eating... #33 Invention test! 01/5/21
Your creativity, my dear friend, truly deserves the stars #34 Caption this! 08/5/21
Agree, my friend, I am so happy to read your sweet and wonderful comment #34 Caption this! 08/5/21
Hello, I live in Palestine, in Jerusalem, inside Gaza Cit Palestine is distinguished by its... #31 Start the conversation! 22/4/21