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I think that a law should be introduced to change the gap between general elections from 5... #20 - What One Change....? 28/1/20
I agree with lovable writer I also believe that listening to people and having patience are... What does it take to be a good Prime Minister? 23/1/20
I think that the most important fact that I have learnt about the NHS so far is that in December... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 10/3/20
If I were to enter a poster at "notes to the NHS" my message would be : Thank you to all... #24 - Notes to the NHS 25/2/20
I think that number 6 ( removing space junk from the Earth's atmosphere ) is a prudent choice .... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 03/12/19
I think that a large amount of money that is earned by private hospitals should be donated to... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 17/3/20