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In the session I enjoyed being an in because we got to do whatever we liked and we had a great... What happened in Session One? 08/5/19
Because they want to lure children in to the world of drugs and once the children are addicted... Do Gang Members Mean To Commit A Crime? 07/2/19
Many countries have a voting age of 16 including Scotland, Brazil and Wales(I think). Iran HAD... What Should be the Lowest Age to Vote? 11/3/19
The community could do with making more youth clubs. And yes schools could also do with teaching... Do Drug Dealers use Mind-games to Draw in Teens? 09/2/19
I think B because then once they are let out after their sentence then they will hopefully be a... Weekly competition #19 27/1/19
I don't think that they should be looking over the wall because people have their own rights to... Weekly Competition #30 28/4/19
I'm currently doing Spanish in my school and I always look forward to it. How much can you say... Welcome to our new schools! 28/4/19
I can't wait for this. A day to look forward to! :) BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 21/1/19
I think this is what balanced_volcano meant Are the police doing enough? 12/2/19
Phew. That's quite a relief. But still I think that all crime should of gone down. The Ever Increasing Issue: Violent Crime 28/1/19
Living in Pangaea is a very busy lifestyle because we have lots of other tourists from all... Weekly Competition #23 22/2/19
Ok Are the Police being Taken Over By Technology? Part 2 07/2/19
It seems to be just big nuisance in all of our lives that is really unnecessary and we would... Why I Believe in that we should stay in the EU 25/2/19
I think that teenagers with bad parenting usually think that they are 'cool'. I think that act... Youth Crime 21/1/19
6,694 gun crime offences. (Accidentally posted first comment separately) Violent crime 27/1/19
I agree. These are the statistics from this time last year: 68,968 robbery offences; 37,443... Violent crime 27/1/19
Don't worry. We're hopefully going to do a separate one that isn't live BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 06/2/19
I got 7/8. I didn't realise that knife has gone up. I would've thought that it would've gone... Quiz! What have you learnt so far? 21/1/19
Hockey Player Revives Teammate Who Didn't Have A Pulse For 5 Minutes. This is a very positive... Weekly Competition #21 11/2/19
I wonder why crime has gone up by 11%? I would've expected it to go down with all the technology... The Ever Increasing Issue: Violent Crime 23/1/19
9/10 Try this quiz about borders! 21/5/19
I think that they do still do it after a conviction because they might be addicted to committing... Weekly Competition #20 01/2/19
Why is Brexit taking so long? Surely we can just say deal or no deal and then it is done. We need YOUR questions! 27/2/19
For some reason I can't find any happy news. Are we able to make our own up? Weekly Competition #21 08/2/19
By the way this is based on the comment, not the actual post but it you want me to I'll do it... Are the Police being Taken Over By Technology? 09/2/19
Also, I am loving_quince and I live in England. My school is in Reading and it is called... Welcome to our new schools! 24/4/19
I agree because a 2 year old wouldn't start murdering adults or dealing drugs Going into detail... Part 1: Are criminals born or made? 28/1/19
‘The Teen who Mocked Native American’.The boy looked very smug when he was facing the Native... Weekly Competition #18 24/1/19
Trump makes wall, Trump makes America worse Weekly Competition #33 22/5/19
I think that we should stay because it means that are lives can continue as we already are. It... WHAT DO YOU THINK ?? 27/2/19
I reckon that they would probably have a greater chance of joining a gang. These aren't... MY OPINION ON HOW TO REDUCE KNIFE CRIME IN THE UK 13/2/19
I now think that the police are not being taken over by technology thanks to balanced_singer and... Are the Police being Taken Over By Technology? 07/2/19
I think that most criminals are bad and horrible. They are bad because say there is a criminal... Going into detail... Part 1: Are criminals born or made? 27/1/19
Brexit is like cheese submarine because it is absolutely useless and it isn't worth the fuss... Weekly Competition #25 09/3/19
But what if they don’t have parents? Or have run away from home. Just something to keep in mind. MY OPINION ON HOW TO REDUCE KNIFE CRIME IN THE UK 12/2/19
I LOVE Ikea meatballs. I had them yesterday actually when I went shopping. What a coincidence! :) Welcome to our new schools! 24/4/19
Donald trump is building his wall between Mexico and America and someone is being stopped and... Weekly Competition #29 24/4/19
It's a good point but what if the crime is taking place in a remote area. If someone's being... Are the Police being Taken Over By Technology? 28/1/19
Our school is closed(due to some annoying snow)so what will we do... are we able to do it at home? BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 01/2/19
Yes I have because when I think of gangs and young offenders I usually think of kids either... Youth Crime 21/1/19
It’s more grammar. Also, the word ‘baddies’ is very formal and make for KS1. Also ‘witch’ should... Are the police doing enough? 12/2/19
And here's the link to a website with happy news stories: Weekly Competition #21 11/2/19
Why are we leaving in the first place? I think that we are fine as we are. Do you have any questions about Brexit for a Member of Parliament? 30/1/19
I think that it is because some people REALLY want a no deal therefore they are trying really... What’s the best way to make decisions? 25/2/19
By the way I'm in the middle of making a part 2 of this which will hopefully be out in a few days Are the Police being Taken Over By Technology? 01/2/19
Yes. Once peopled are influenced into criminal activity then they share it with others then they... Youth Crime 21/1/19
Oof. 6/10 Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 08/3/19
Keller Sutherland, a first grade teacher at Ellen Woodside Elementary in South Carolina, was... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
A single father has taken his son, who has cerebral palsy, to over 1,200 heavy metal concerts... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19