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I agree with u Weekly competition #19 01/2/19
It was hard Take the skills-based personality quiz! 14/1/19
I think that people should know because they need to be warned because this is all dangerous and... Should the Media talk about gangs and people in them? 16/1/19
i think it is increasing because people have been suffering from home and the people they trust. CRIME: Murder Statistics in 2018 16/1/19
I think that it is very important to know what violent crime is. Violent crime 14/1/19
how should you respond if you witness a crime. Weekly Competition #20 01/2/19
Thats good Weekly Competition #14 10/12/18
U cant believe everything u believe on the internet because some people come up with fake news.... Is everything on the internet true? 16/1/19
I like the poem. It is so unique and different. Money poems..... 10/12/18
That is so good. Weekly Competition #14 10/12/18
Bankers play an important role. Bankers 10/12/18
Mine was open-minedeness. Take the skills-based personality quiz! 10/12/18