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27/ 30 ! Wooooo!!!! The Big BNC End of Year Quiz! 19/6/20
Apparently germs only live on surfaces for 3 days? The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 24/4/20
You are correct engaging_morning of both your answers! Hurricane Facts and Quiz 27/4/20
You are so creative and A will it be easy to solve? I hope so. ABC of Hong Kong 30/9/19
Motto: If you don't believe you won't achieve. I chose this because for an example if I was... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 19/11/19
Hello Im outstanding_turkey Im an old student at the BNC and I live in England. I love England... Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 23/4/20
Thanks I will do it soon! Autumn Term Survey! 01/10/19
That is a great poem and you spelt Hong Kong wrong but never mind! Hong Kong 03/10/19
Hi thankful_banana I think that for some reason most of the countries in Europe are on our sides... Should other countries interfere? 14/10/19
Can we still do this survey and if we do will we win a goodie bag? Autumn Term Survey! 05/11/19
Hurricanes form in warm waters and it used the water as an energy source. Hurricane Facts and Quiz 27/4/20
Thank you for this update! I like how you do this every day. I really like how you tell us about... The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 07/5/20
I agree but I think China is doing it to wind them up well not really that but we agreed one... Will the protests stop if we do nothing? 06/10/19
I agree we are lucky to have them but China is breaking Hong Kong's human rights. Should other countries interfere? 15/10/19
Same! I am going to do it again! The Good News Quiz! 03/4/20
Thanks! A guide to the Hub - please read if you have just joined us! 16/11/19
I made that because they are protesting it is getting very violent and I really hope they stop... HELP FOR Hong Kong 01/10/19
You did a really good job! My Manifesto 02/4/20
Why don't you agree? The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 27/4/20
They need to make peace or WWIII will start and we don't want to go through that! Hong Kong is in danger . 30/9/19
Yes lovable_writer your point was very good but the people in Hong Kong don't have as much... What does the right to freedom mean in Hong Kong? 14/10/19
Yes because you can for an example you can climb a tree and if you fall down and hurt yourself... What does the right to freedom mean in Hong Kong? 14/10/19
Oh no! End of Year Survey - tell us what you think! 06/7/20
This time I got 6/10 thats double! The Good News Quiz! 24/4/20
I would open more nursing schools and going into school to tell talk to them about the NHS. BNC manifesto 04/4/20
They are correct apart from number one what do you mean? Hurricane Facts and Quiz 27/4/20
In England it is bad people are saying schools may be the last thing to open again! Yesterday... The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 24/4/20
Thank you for your advice. :-) Lightning 01/5/20
That is amazing I could not of even done that myself so that is so creative of you and a great... VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 01/10/19
I love these quizzes and even though I got 4/10 it was for fun and these quizzes help us learn... Take our New Year quiz! 16/1/20
99% might be to much but it might be somewhere around there. Hong Kong is in danger . 30/9/19
27/40 Quite good:) Bumper end-of-term quiz! 02/4/20
Ok! Ill do it now! Welcome to Issue 5: the Global Conversation 23/4/20
Yes when I went on a walk I saw TONS of litter I think they are angry they can't see their... LITTERING!!! 24/4/20
Thank you for this interesting information! Lightning 12/5/20
In that photo it has smoke so that might be why they are wearing face masks but it might be to... Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 08/10/19
I have competed this! It took me a while but oh well! 👍🏼 End of Year Survey - tell us what you think! 26/6/20
In your opinion do you think Britain should intervene and why??? Sophia Yan, China Correspondent, answers YOUR questions! 14/10/19
I hope they work out an agreement soon because I hate all the violent protesting going on at the moment. HELP FOR Hong Kong 08/10/19
Same here at England. The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 24/4/20
I tried this quiz again and I got the same answer ; open-mindedness Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 06/5/20
ok ok Autumn Term Survey! 05/11/19
I would like to ask Stephen Fry " How did you get into the arts?" I am asking this because I... Ask Stephen Fry! 03/6/20
Well a little bit, but still great job! VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 06/10/19
Thank you for including my question, 😁 this was really interesting to read through! Your questions answered by theatre critic Fiona Mountford! 02/7/20
I put it might work because China is not doing their bit of "one country two systems" agreement. #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 11/10/19
Im sorry I was only meant to put one ok. Autumn Term Survey! 05/11/19
Also loyal_lobster you are correct there was someone outside our house in a car and threw... LITTERING!!! 24/4/20
I am sceptical about A because we children like having fun, right? We sometimes make silly... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 08/10/19
I've been seeing posts which has two usernames on there how do you do that? A guide to the Hub - please read if you have just joined us! 15/11/19
My opinion is that we shouldn't explore space 1.We have to keep our subject onto climate change... The dangers of going to space 10/12/19
Correct! Hurricane Facts and Quiz 27/4/20
I got 9/12 it's quite good but I am so interested in space and it helped me learn more things!... Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 10/12/19
My words would be: "Humans weren't created for nothing we have a purpose from gorillas to this... #9 - Time-Travel Challenge - Winners Announced! 05/11/19
Michael Collins Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 09/12/19
How long does it take to train? Why did you choose to go to space? Is it your dreams come... Your chance to ask a space expert! 05/11/19
Im outstanding_turkey on a space mission and it is Christmas Day today..... This morning I... #16 - Christmas Competition Special 20/12/19
You've been really creative by this idea and imagined what it might of been in space. Astronaut’s diary 21/11/19
Yes! :D Chocolate always calms people down but after it happened even though it was gone my dog... Lightning 01/5/20
I agree because we all say "Yeah we should have our human rights everyone should!" But really... What does the right to freedom mean in Hong Kong? 11/10/19
Curiousity, Special and Glowing. Curiousity because we want to know what is on all the other... #8 - Three Words And Why 27/10/19
On a lesson about it. HELP FOR Hong Kong 06/10/19
Me, radical_koala and loyal_desert would love to see you respond to our questions! :D Hurricane Facts and Quiz 24/4/20
I got 13/20 and it taught me about Hong Kong Quiz: Test your Hong Kong knowledge! 06/10/19
Hello, (I have completed the survey) I would like to cover the topic "Wasting Land" because so... #42 - In the Hot Seat 02/7/20
I totally agree they should fight for their rights. Hong Kong protests: What's happened since? 19/6/20
It was a little bit but all Hong Kong wants is human rights that we all have and they are... VIDEO: Hong Kong Rap 06/10/19
I got open mindless! And I'm proud because that is pretty much me! Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 21/4/20
I would call mine "Breaking the barriers" Because the map of the world is cracked and this club... #32 - Give it a title! 21/4/20
I agree it is wrong and is getting violent . Why so violent? 10/10/19
I want to ask a question : If you were me and had all your pets and family worried what would you do? Lightning 01/5/20
On my second time I put yes because if suspected criminals in Hong Kong just went to court in... #6 Poll - Winners Announced! 14/10/19
Good points outgoing_piano what do you mean by Covid-19 is getting more serious ? Maybe the... Is this the end? 07/5/20
super_fish I agree we will save the NHS and I like it how this is not a British club anymore is... What's like to learn from home 21/4/20
Yes it is! :D Hurricane Facts and Quiz 27/4/20
How do we know if we win it and also what do we have to do on it? Autumn Term Survey! 30/9/19
Because wild fires burn down anything in their ways example homes and money. Effects of extreme weather 28/4/20
Ooo I got 11/20 😯 I am going to try this again 👍🏼 Take the extreme weather quiz! 22/5/20
Hello I hope the BNC staff have a great Summer break I will be here next year! Good luck if you... THE HUB IS NOW CLOSED! 14/7/20
Yes and no because if you had it regularly you would get used to it and you might now what... Lightning 01/5/20
I think we're interested in mars because mars is close to us and we have just found a bit of... Why are we so interested in Mars?? 15/11/19
Dear diary, Tuesday 17th of July 2020 Our world why can't it all be peace and love without our... #4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced! 30/9/19
My question for Anita Ganeri is do you know how people predict the weather and how because we... #33 - Ask the author! 24/4/20
Thank you delightful_snow luckily we were all safe and my street still did the clap for the NHS... Lightning 01/5/20
This was so fun and it helped me learn more about space! Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 15/11/19
Dear diary, Im stuck indoors because of people arguing because of Hong Kong and I'm sitting... #4 Diary Entry - Winners Announced! 30/9/19
The NHS is the National Health service for the UK and us not being at school will mean the virus... What's like to learn from home 29/4/20
Wild fires are probably the worst especially the one in Australia and it is terrible about... Effects of extreme weather 24/4/20
My opinion is that we should solve climate before we explore space because our planet is dying... Climate change or space travel? 21/11/19
fiery_strawberry the media is a great idea but do we already have that source? Example: The UK... Session 1: Introduction 23/4/20
My opinion is that we should not because we might start WWIII and everyone doesn't want that to happen. Should we get involved in the Hong Kong crisis 30/9/19
I agree with you loyal_television it needs more opinions but what might happen if the other... How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 30/9/19