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Very good point right now we're stuck between to evils. If we leave climate change could get... Climate change or space travel? 21/11/19
We have to do something! Is this the end of the human race? 30/4/20
This guys from my school! VIDEO: Loyal_television's Manifesto! 07/5/20
Let's hope we don't start world 3 Should other countries interfere? 15/11/19
I thought it only affected people where the fire actually happened, guess I was wrong! ---> How do you think the Australian Bushfires affected us ? Click here and find out ! 06/5/20
We are not alone. I think that this is an effective motto as it encourages the theory that there... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 21/11/19
I don't understand what you're saying Is this the end? 07/5/20
Birds that nest in trees which can get ripped out of the ground by tornadoes How does extreme weather effect us? 07/5/20
Your welcome Best_raspberry! Will the protests stop if we do nothing? 04/10/19
That is good to know! 😀 Droughts: How Does It Affect People, Animals And Their Homes? 01/5/20
I mean that it could quicken the extinction of animals like polar bears and whales. How does extreme weather effect us? 06/5/20
This would definitely be useful as like I already said there is no emoji for earthquakes. It... Emojis: the last defence? 30/4/20
Because there's so much happening that it could prove to much for humanity Is this the end? 07/5/20
Got it in one! Is this the end? 07/5/20
Like I said before if people know that climate change is worsening they can save time by either... Emojis: the last defence? 01/5/20
Freedom of speech to Hong Kong Pros and cons of Beijing 01/10/19
Next level exploration. #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 17/11/19
The government could use some of their money to insure houses that are at risk of flooding an wildfires Is this the end of the human race? 01/5/20
Very true HELP FOR Hong Kong 04/10/19
We gotta get this under control FAST! Hong kong's crisis! 01/10/19
If it was my job to deliver an inspiring speech than I would probably say something like this: I... #29 - Write an inspiring speech - Winners Announced! 31/3/20
People could try and recycle more, stay at least 2 feet away from everyone and people can try... Is this the end? 07/5/20
Yes, as different countries have different temperatures and environments meaning that some... How does extreme weather effect us? 04/5/20
Fantastic Facts HONG KONG FANTASTIC FACTS 01/10/19
I actually meant to write Africa but I got confused How does extreme weather effect us? 06/5/20
I have MULTIPLE questions to ask. 1.why do some people think that the moon landing is... Your chance to ask a space expert! 15/11/19
Do you mean causes? How does extreme weather effect us? 01/5/20
I think it's only OK to interfere with another country's business when they are in... Should countries keep out of each other's business? 05/10/19
Well there is no perfect answer for example: the robots might run out of power or got damaged... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 17/11/19
I agree with magnificent cricket we should help Honh Kong Hong kong's crisis! 02/10/19
Very interesting What are humans doing to our planet? 07/5/20
By zombies do you mean politicians? ABC of Hong Kong 30/9/19
Absolutely awesome😃 Hong Kong should be free 01/10/19
Yes, but they weren't clever enough to survive the meteor Is this the end? 12/5/20
I think that NHS should be for everyone as it wouldn't be fair on people who aren't as rich... Should the NHS be in different countries 05/3/20
I have 2 questions 1. Why did you decide to write the "horrible geography" books? 2. Do you... #33 - Ask the author! 30/4/20
I personally find it stressful because not only does my entire family being confined into one... What's it like to learn from home? 02/4/20
You tell 'em that NASA is real! Is NASA fake 15/11/19