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It is tips so we wanted to make it into a list The dangers of going to space 02/12/19
I think some of the resores are helpful to us to see if we can live there Why is space so important ? 02/12/19
no one should be hurt it should only be peace Hong Kong 02/12/19
that is very good i agree with you becasuse we are inderpendent and we should leave them Shall we help them? 21/11/19
yes that is right Hong Kong 02/12/19
What are you amused at The dangers of going to space 02/12/19
guys did you read my post because we need to stop this kids are getting hurt Hong Kong 15/10/19
It will effect your body your bones will not be used as much as on earth so when you come back... The dangers of going to space 02/12/19
with climate change i dont think that we will need a new planet to live on because are world is... Climate change or space travel? 21/11/19