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You can tell if Ali had to much screen time because she would bored and her head would be hurting. How can we tell if we've had too much of something? 05/3/21
those videos were funny Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 14/12/20
Women can be better than man Has there been a female president before? 12/10/20
Has he faked or not?I think that he has lied because no one has recovered from COVID 19 Is Donald Trump faking he had coronavirus? 09/10/20
I think that Biden has learned more because he has been to university more year than trump Who is the most effective on education - Biden or Trump? 02/10/20
Well done I think that going for president without a different person is unfair Has anyone run for president without a rival? 12/10/20
I think your right it is not responsible to protest during the pandemic Protests 08/2/21
Who inspires me The farmers in India are protesting about a law that makes small farmers lives... Who inspires you to protest? 23/1/21
Do you now about the kissan protest (farmers protest) in India it is the biggest Have you... Who inspires you to protest? 23/1/21
I think joe Biden because joe Biden will help America more Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 01/10/20