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I think that to be a good president you must be respected by a lot of people because if you... What makes a good president? 10/9/20
The Black Lives Matter subject makes me feel quite sad. I myself am white, but I feel like... Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 15/9/20
There has never been a female president simply because they have never won the election. Some... The President Games! 20/10/20
Do you have proof that it costs too much money? Trump has billions and billions of dollars, so... Donald Trump Update! 18/9/20
Oops! Sorry, incorrect fact there. American Election 20/10/20
We should all be treated the same. It doesn't matter if your black or white, Christian or Muslim... Learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement 20/10/20
To be a good president, I think you need to: 1. Be experienced 2. Be respected by a lot of... What makes a good president? 09/9/20
I would like to be a roving reporter on the environment because I am very worried about the... #1 - Roving reporters 10/9/20
I would like to ask Anita McBride What was it like working with three different American Presidents? Ask experts your questions! 29/9/20
Thanks for this post, storytelling_king I believe that, yes, you should have to be born in... Should you have to be born in America to be a candidate? 29/9/20
“Welcome to the BNC!” I came up with this title because I feel that the photo describes what... #2 - Title Challenge 12/9/20
Thanks protective_dusk, but i do believe that the Mexicans won’t attempt to dig up or knock down... Donald Trump Update! 10/9/20
After watching these videos, I was touched by the fact that President Obama thought that... President Obama's former personal aide Reggie Love answers your questions! 20/10/20
After listening to Reggie Love, I feel touched and inspired from what President Obama did. He... #7 - Listen to learn! 20/10/20
I would like to ask Adam Roberts. Have you ever met Donald Trump or Joe Biden in person? Ask experts your questions! 10/9/20
Thank you for this Olivia@theBNC! I got 16/27! Quiz: Test your news knowledge! 09/9/20
How many people from Pensilvania voted for Donald Trump? 48.2% people voted for Donald Trump... Donald Trump Update! 12/9/20
I found my evidence at, Trump administration family separation policy - Wikipedia... Donald Trump Update! 12/9/20
I think you mean state :) Donald Trump Update! 19/10/20