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I found it while researching about the protest on wikipedia... 1:00 Podcast : Does Protest Work 08/2/21
I think it should be twenty to be able to be president because they would have some experience... Should there be a new age restriction for president candidates? 10/9/20
I would like to be a Roving Reporter on the environment because I want to make people understand... #1 - Roving reporters 11/9/20
I think I could add more about the voting system in America and how this effects Ash Trump and... Election Interview 11:00 20/10/20
I agree with both ages because if they were younger than 35 then they might make stupid... Should there be a new age restriction for president candidates? 09/9/20
I like your funny character and that it mixes up with the election information. My final piece 20/10/20
really good character and hilarious!!! AMAZING!!!! The American Election 03/12/20
I would call this picture "everyone should have an opinion" because it is filled with speech... #2 - Title Challenge 15/9/20
I really agree with your post. Everyone deserves a voice! Does the public deserve a democratic vote? 10/9/20
If there were only 10 jobs it would probably be harder as the things you may be good at wouldn't... If there were only 10 jobs in the world , what would they be and which one would you choose ? 03/12/20