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I really think some of these American rules are unfair don’t you? How does the American election work? 17/9/20
Hmmmmm this is interesting how do you know if these facts are real from what you heard? Donald Trump Update! 10/9/20
In the American vote not all peoples votes are equal because of the states votes as well some... #3 - Power to the people 19/9/20
This sounds fun I'll try it thanks for posting it! Quiz: Test your news knowledge! 10/9/20
But in my opinion they are as bad as each other? What do you think? Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 09/9/20
Just because you don’t like Donald Trump you shouldn’t judge. They are both as bad as each... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 08/9/20
No I don’t think all the presidents went to war but mostly yes, they didn’t really declare war... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 24/9/20
Same I agree! People could have very different answers as I got but I found that it was very... Survey: You and the news! 05/9/20
What you wrote is pretty true! Thank you for researching! Yes I agree with you with the strong... The President Games! 24/9/20
I'd say that 22-69 for age restriction because of course you wouldn't choose a teenager a... Should there be a new age restriction for president candidates? 09/9/20
Can you explain why? The President Games! 23/9/20
But are you sure wars won’t start again if they have biden? It will affect all of us only trump... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 23/9/20
This is not interesting it reminds me that you can't vote in prison but you can run for... Does the public deserve a democratic vote? 18/9/20
How can you know they are actually in control maybe it is someone else trying to be part of the... Donald Trump Update! 10/9/20
I would love to be a roving reporter on “Is it worth he cost?” The space one to be exact because... #1 - Roving reporters 05/9/20
My title is “ We have rights to speak our heart” I’m saying that this should be my title... #2 - Title Challenge 15/9/20
I don’t know but I do know one thing all the presidents have gone to war except Donald Trump.... Do think America would want another man president? 17/9/20
I agree and thank you for commenting can I ask you a question We are all humans that is true... The President Games! 24/9/20
Yeah but can you give me some reasons? Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 15/9/20
What I mean is that he's still sticking to the men only restriction and that as Vice Presidents... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 09/9/20
Hmmmm it’s interesting right? That they both say that they will keep their promises but who... The US Election: News Updates 05/9/20
Thanks! #2 - Title Challenge 18/9/20
Being wealthier shouldn't matter but it strangely does.Being rich could mean that they could use... How might being "x" make someone a better leader? 07/9/20
I agree if you are more than 70 perhaps maybe your brain will start to resist to work on what... Should there be a new age restriction for president candidates? 10/9/20
Well I agree with Tom Donald Trump never said no but I feel like being gender specific is wrong... The President Games! 23/9/20
This is a good comment! This got me thinking how does gender matter when we are all human? The President Games! 24/9/20
Thank you! The President Games! 23/9/20
Thank you! I knew some of the stuff on there but this helped a lot thank you! The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 05/9/20
I want to ask how did it feel to run the campaign along with President Obama? How did it... Ask experts your questions! 10/9/20