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I can’t think of a topic that nobody has done and when I do it gets taken down anyway! BNC Intro session! 18/9/20
I could add more about their policies such as the fact Trump plans to cut taxes while Biden... My final piece 20/10/20
18/24 Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 04/12/20
I would love to report on things concerning racism because it infuriates me that after all of... #1 - Roving reporters 10/9/20
13/27 Quiz: Test your news knowledge! 10/9/20
I like how you have mixed your character with the facts about the election Election Interview 11:00 20/10/20
I think that it is unfair that Trump built the wall because poor Mexicans who might not be able... Donald Trump Update! 10/9/20
Does being really affect how good you are at discussions though? If your interested about that... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 10/9/20
I think he is racist because he won't let Hindus and Muslims into America Is Donald Trump racist? 10/9/20
hi storytelling_king! first up congrats on making it to 5th on the student leader board :)! Your... Should electoral points be changed? 20/10/20