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I really agree with you as we need to take care of our own planet before we start to look at the others. Is space travel more important than climate change? 21/11/19
I totally agree with you but I sort of disagree; space could go around in circles and if we... Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 23/11/19
How are black holes made? Your chance to ask a space expert! 21/11/19
Is it too late to stop climate change and extreme weather or are we able to manage and together... Ask an expert about extreme weather! 28/4/20
Welcome The threats caused by extreme weather 01/6/20
I concur with your reasoning positive_lemon as to that of the positives in hurricanes and their... Positives of extreme weather 26/5/20
I'm glad you liked it. The many ways of expressing the arts 25/6/20
One of the many people that I have heard from is generous_seagull. He/she told hopeful_city... #44 - VIPs (Very Important Perspectives) 16/7/20
I have two minds; I disagree because the rocket science is extremely complicated and hard for... Should girls and boys be able to go to space??? 01/12/19
If we go to Mars then it could be quite a danger as no one has been that far into space and... should we live on Mars? 23/11/19
In my opinion, art can be a lot of things. You can make, cook, draw, paint, act out (etc.) art... Session 1: What is art? 22/6/20
I think that art doesn’t only show how we feel, but expresses it. For example, if an artist... Session 2: Art during a crisis (including a quiz) 19/6/20
In my opinion, we are all art. Every single being in the world can make art. Our knowledge of... #41 - Ideas to Include 23/6/20
My question to Anita Ganeri is: What gave you the inspiration to write about geography and the... #33 - Ask the author! 27/4/20
There is no president of Hong Kong, just the chief executive of Hong Kong (Carrie Lam) Your chance to ask the experts! 19/10/19
My inspiration for the arts is others. When you truly enjoy art, and when you can feel as though... #43 - What inspires your ideas? 08/7/20
Thank you! My extreme weather speech 22/5/20
The one change I would like to see remain in place is taking care of environmental resources,... #37 - One change to keep 25/5/20
I would like to ask a hong kong person how they cope with this Your chance to ask the experts! 19/10/19
I will plan to ask citizens for a voluntary contribution of £10 per month and I will implement... My BNC health care manifesto 03/4/20
to the moon and beyond! #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 21/11/19
I would like to ask Stephen Fry 'what gave you the inspiration to get into the arts?' I am... Ask Stephen Fry! 04/6/20
I disagree because even if china has the biggest army in the world, Hong Kong deserves democracy Why Britain should NOT interfere 19/10/19
In my opinion, the topic that I would like to discuss is as following: Humans and their... #42 - In the Hot Seat 29/6/20