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I agree, it would be great if you were the president but it could be horrible if the president... Has anyone run for president without a rival? 19/10/20
I think they get paid too much, football isn't really that important, doctors work way harder... Should Premier League footballers be paid less money. 21/11/20
I agree because if you had a criminal record you would probably be a bad president and it... Are the rules to becoming president in America fair? 15/9/20
Under 18s should be able to have their vote in the American election! I think that because they... #2 - Title Challenge 18/9/20
I agree with you money has to exist or humans will become extinct. Food would run out eventually... What would happen if we didn't use money in the world? 04/12/20
"Positive, not negative" If you get along with your opponent in an election, you can just be... #8 - A Call for Courtesy! 26/10/20
I think the prime minister should never be replaced, a robot would be terrible at that job. The... What jobs should robots never replace? 04/12/20
I think creativity is the most important because for technology and the world to evolve, people... #14 - Star skill! 05/12/20
I think it should be 30 to 70 because if youre 18 or 20 you woulnt have much political... Should there be a new age restriction for president candidates? 09/9/20
That was a great summary, well done. Was there an outcome to the first Trump vs Biden debate? 20/10/20
I think that is way to complicated, they should just make the candidate with the most votes win. How does the American election work? 18/9/20