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I think people should be allowed on holiday in space but for now we Should find out more... Should people be able to go on holiday to space? 21/11/19
i think yes because we can do are research and no more about space and things that could be in... Is visiting the moon again worth it? 21/11/19
i think that there could be life on mars because we have no prof that there was not life on mars... Was there once life on Mars? 22/11/19
I think we should there could be more planets that we have not seen be for Could there be any other planets that human life could be transported to? 21/11/19
me to i think space in amazing Why to become an astronaut 21/11/19
I think that space is Infinite because there might be planets that we haven't discovered is space infinite? 21/11/19
I think people should choose to Believe in aliens if they want to I choose to believe in aliens Are aliens real 21/11/19
i think that if people would like to become a astronaut and they try hard it is achievable . i... Why to become an astronaut 21/11/19
i think that life dose exists on Pluto because no one has gone to Pluto and said there is not life Does life exist on Pluto? 22/11/19
i think Just because you are a boy or a girl dose not mean you can't go to space Should girls and boys be able to go to space??? 22/11/19
I think we should stop sending money on space and we should help people in need Is it worth the cost 21/11/19
i think that we should not let people go further than we have been for safety reasons like they... Should Space Tourism be banned? 21/11/19
I think we should stick to one plant at a time because if we go to far then we can start to lose oxygen Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 21/11/19
We don't need to but it would be nice to no things out of space like a new planet Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 22/11/19
i think that there should be a age because we don't want babys in space and kids and if they... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 22/11/19
i think that if it is safe and we no what we are doing then it should be aloud Do you think we can go further out to space then we have now?What are your answers. 21/11/19