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I think that sometimes cancelling somebody is the right option but only if they have done... Fair or not? 29/6/21
Good point, but I think that it is possible to live alone you might just get a little lonely!... Is Working From Home Or On Site Better? 11/5/21
Great post! I also don't think either of them really won and this debate lowered there chance of... Was there an outcome to the first Trump vs Biden debate? 16/10/20
Great post! I also think that people might deny climate change if they live in a country which... Three reasons why someone might deny climate change? 21/5/21
My caption: Protect the earth, it is in our hands. I have chosen this caption because in the... #34 Caption this! 11/5/21
Well Trump said that he wanted to make America great again which was meaning to make America... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 16/9/20
Great post! I do think that Joe Biden is doing a better job of helping the environment but it's... What does Trump and Biden plan to do for Climate Change? 02/10/20
Dont worry I got 17/27. Quiz: Test your news knowledge! 18/12/20
Great Tips! Top Tips for an Infodemic 11/4/21
I don't think it is fair because if a criminal became a candidate then won the election they... Is it fair that criminals can't vote but can campaign to be president?? 02/10/20
I would give the title "Speak up" for the picture because the way I see that picture is the kids... #2 - Title Challenge 16/9/20
Great post! I don't know if America would prefer a man or woman. I think they would trust men... Do think America would want another man president? 25/9/20
Thank you! Interview with an America citerzen 16/12/20
I think it's quite hard to say who would be a better president. Although Trump is younger than... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 15/9/20
Great post! But although we do really need to do something about the climate change, it is quite... Who is affected by climate change? 21/5/21
This is a great post! But for the consequences how would people know who rigged the election?... What is a rigged election? 02/10/20
Great post! I agree with your points. Remote working is also a bad thing in the manner that,... How and why will different types of work affect people's work and life 16/12/20
Great but short post! I agree that it would not be very nice to have a robot teacher, as it may... Should robots be allowed to take over the role of being a teacher in the future of work? 16/12/20
I think climate change is more important than covid because climate change is something which... Which is more important: Covid or climate change? 21/5/21
I dont think it is ok to say that all police are bad because people are judging all police just... Are all police bad? 20/1/21
Good point! I do think he has more power because he can tell others what they can and can't do... What does Trump and Biden plan to do for Climate Change? 02/10/20
Yes that is true, it must be annoying, especially if you were in a meeting. Future of work news report 16/12/20
Great Top Tips! Well done! Top tips to navigate through the pandemic. 21/5/21
Great post! I agree with your points, and it wouldn't be nice to get kicked out of your job,... My final piece by steady_chameleon 15/12/20
I don;t think its ok to have violent protestes because there is no reason for anyone to hurting... DO NOT PROTEST 25/1/21