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I totally agree all of these points should be in every candidate What I look for in a good president 16/10/20
Remember hopeful_deer never give up! interview with Mathew hard 21/5/21
I'm pretty sure I helped you with this piece jazzed beaver! My final piece 25/5/21
Hmm I don't know much about this but it is a nice post interview with Mathew hard 16/12/20
If you have ever se n a glass vase it was probably made by a glass blower they work with glass I... My interview with a voter 25/5/21
It's good to see to star giants being so respectful How has COVID-19 affected the world of work? 16/12/20
Just because Trump has billions of dollars he shouldn't get votes for money as it is dishonest Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 10/9/20
I loved the post it's interesting to see other people's ideas about democracy and how people vote Does the public deserve a democratic vote? 11/9/20
hopeful_deer you are very good at writing posts you should write more of them! interview with Mathew hard 21/5/21
Incredible, interesting and explanatory final piece The future of work 16/12/20
I would become a god and smite the humans who were cause climate change! #36 Work for the world! 21/5/21
You have thought of every job wow #36 Work for the world! 21/5/21
Wonderful final piece thankful_tornado Interviewing thankful_tornado. 21/5/21
Protective_dusk I understand why you would chose this but don't you think the rate that humans... #36 Work for the world! 21/5/21
Good comment I agree When people use the phrase "The black vote" 16/10/20
Congrats on the star Future of work final piece 16/12/20
I knew I wasn't very good at BNC but I didn't know I was this bad. My interview with a voter 24/5/21
Creative and artistic. Pandemic to infodemic 24/5/21
Lol no comments My interview with a voter 21/5/21
The thing is in America some people don't like Donald trump and me personally I've never heard... Protestors attack the US Capitol, and President Biden inaugurated! 07/9/20
Good job this is superb you are such a creative guy well done to all. :) Does protest work? 21/5/21
observant_sparrow that comment is as big as the actual post! Well done Coronavirus and the environment 21/5/21
Thanks My interview with a voter 25/5/21
Go reflaective_arctic_fox The Future of Work 16/12/20
Well done on the star The Future of Work! 16/12/20
Honestly I think if you had a criminal record then you should be able to run for president I've... Are the rules to becoming president in America fair? 15/9/20