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Thanks Tom l got 21/24. Take our American election quiz! 15/10/20
I think that it would be OK to break the law during a protest, as long as no-one gets hurt (e.g.... Could protesters be allowed to break the law? 29/1/21
I think that it would be quite good to have a celebrity join your protest, as if they were a TV... Is it a good idea to protest? 29/1/21
That was a good quiz and I got 20/24 . :) Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 14/12/20
Thanks I learnt a lot! (I got 5/10) ;) The Fun Protest Quiz! 15/1/21
I think I did a good job and got 6/10. The Fun Work Quiz! 09/11/20
I disagree because with many sources of information, you are able to decide which piece of news... Could there ever be too much news? (First Pandemic to Infodemic Piece) 26/2/21
Thank you for the interesting subject. I actually wasn't surprised by any of the findings,... Session 1: what's an infodemic? 26/2/21
I found this really awesome 😃, I got 8\10 The Fun Work Quiz! 26/11/20
It was very interesting! Thank you Session one: what is protest? - UPDATED WITH VIDEO 15/1/21