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David Cameron only started Brexit so he could stay at the large position of Prime minister. Yet... why did David Cameron start brexit ? 28/1/20
If I could change any one thing it would be for everybody in parliament to get along with each... #20 - What One Change....? 24/1/20
This was a great post and I was getting annoyed I couldn't comment on this post because all the... Could kids be prime ministers??? 22/1/20
His job is to lead the country politically. Why do we need prime ministers? 14/1/20
Why do did you take this job up as a hobbie? I asked this question because it is an unusual... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 14/1/20
yeah, how do you think hong kongers would feel What I think about the Hong Kong Crisis 08/1/20
" Well, I must thank everyone who voted for me as the political leader of Great Britain. I will... #17 - Winners Announced 08/1/20
Santa probably put the presents under the tree and they opened it when they got back. Christmas Space Special Post! 21/12/19
Well done Noel park Thought Leader for Space Exploration Announced! 20/12/19
Something that I think will happen is somebody will take a science kit to space and test to see... #15 - Will, Might, Won't! 20/12/19
I would bring a science kit as you can work out if the life saving medicines you find are useful If you were able to go to Mars what would you take? 19/12/19
I would bring a science If you were able to go to Mars what would you take? 19/12/19
I think I had to say that we didn’t have holidays into space because it is only just looking... Should people be able to go on holiday to space? 19/12/19
We should not travel yet as it takes 9 years and 2 months to travel to Pluto on an average... Should we leave Earth and go to an Exoplanet? 19/12/19
20/20... again Test your knowledge with our Space Issue quiz! 17/12/19
Same here !!!!! Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 17/12/19
I agree. Letter to Mr Gove 17/12/19
I do think they exist as how else do you think the aliens that never started on earth or the... Parallel universes- Do they exist? 17/12/19
Automatic rockets How do we travel further into space? 14/12/19
20/20 Test your knowledge with our Space Issue quiz! 14/12/19
As there have been many rumours about us meeting aliens, i don't think we would be that... How would humans react if we really found aliens? 13/12/19
Robots should go up because they just need to be charged up and not have to sleep. Wouldn't that... Send robots into space, not humans 13/12/19
I think they both should have the privelige who has the best space history? 12/12/19
Personally, I don't like Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn but if I had to choose one it would be... Special post: General Election results! 11/12/19
We should go to mars when we have much more advanced technology. We can't go up to orbit with a... How are we going to go to Mars? 10/12/19
Who said we had to go to a planet already existing? Can't we just create a load of large planets... Why Mars? 09/12/19
Reasons for Mars: I think we should explore Mars as the moon has already been discovered and... Mars vs Moon 03/12/19
I think that NASA should start to focus on finding more medicines for the poorer people living... Should we trust NASA? 02/12/19
Second try = 12/12 Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 23/11/19
I totally agree A letter to Mr Gove 22/11/19
but if we sent our best designed rocket yet up, it might stand a chance. How long will we be wanting to go to space? 21/11/19
Next time I will think about adding more fascinating facts like them. How long will we be wanting to go to space? 21/11/19
Surely there once was life on Mars as we can't have been the only life form in the whole solar... Was there once life on Mars? 21/11/19
11/12 Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 21/11/19
I feel that we should enter space through robots as the rockets pollute CO2, HCI, NO2, HNO3... Climate change or space travel? 21/11/19
I agree with openminded_llama because species on our planet can't be the only in the universe.... Are aliens real 20/11/19
I hadn't heard a couple of those words before but now I do thanks A-Z of space exploration. 19/11/19
Space tourism should really be banned as it is affecting our world in different ways. my point... Should Space Tourism be banned? 19/11/19
well done Quiz: Test your Hong Kong knowledge! 19/11/19
I really had to think about that genius_chocolate The reason I think there should be an age... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 19/11/19
Motto: we can achieve beyond earth #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 18/11/19
Wow Letter to Mr Gove 18/11/19
15 out of 20 for me Quiz: Test your Hong Kong knowledge! 28/10/19
Very good How does Protests in Hong Kong affect Children? 25/10/19
A-maz-ing Letter to Mr Gove 25/10/19
We should stay because we won’t have as great trading . However if we do leave we still have the... Brexit or Bray? (Will Britain exit or stay?) 12/10/19
We have agreed a deal and China have changed the deal. We could lose up to 4 percent of the... Should we get involved in the Hong Kong crisis 12/10/19