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I guess that 7 out of 16 is ok for a first try New NHS Quiz! 06/3/20
I got open-mindedness Personality quiz! Which skill are you? 01/5/20
thank you A letter to Mr Gove 25/11/19
I don't think that masks should be banned in Hong Kong as otherwise the people of Hong Kong may... Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 16/10/19
also the robots may stop working in space Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 08/11/19
Personally I believe that there should not be any more hospitals because there are already a lot... Do we need more hospitals??? 13/3/20
i agree robots are a bit less money but we would need to buy the parts to make them so in that... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 08/11/19
Even though I got 3 out of 10 it was super fun Take our New Year quiz! 22/1/20
I do not think that it is reasonable to have an age limit on who can go to space because... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 21/11/19
well done Should the UK use a PR system? 30/1/20
Personally I believe that we don't rely on the NHS to much because as they are there to help... Do we rely on the NHS too much? 06/3/20
that was very helpful for school .Great work What was the Sino-British joint declaration about? 22/10/19
I think that we need to solve climate change before we start to explore space because it could... Climate change or space travel? 20/11/19
I am half and half between intervening or not because if we do then China may send out their... Should Britain intervene with the Hong Kong crisis? 22/10/19
Thanks for the information A very good post Why do we need a Prime Minister? 12/3/20
I agree Hong Kong does not really have a choice well done Hong Kong protests for their rights 09/10/19