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Great Message in your drawing and I love the stile you are going for good job This is REALITY. 13/2/20
My idea is to bring back the workers who use to work there, but they have retired-obviously if... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 19/3/20
I think it takes some grate patients to be a good priminister and l really liked your post well done What does it take to be a good Prime Minister? 17/1/20
It is very creative how you used red blue and white as they are the flag colours of England and... Power of the PMs 12/2/20
Yes I thing we should care about going to space because we could find some more amazing news... Should we really care about going up to space? 21/11/19
Hell Space travel:haven or hell ? 21/11/19
That is a brilliant post and I like your opinion is that it is not fair at all because... Would it be fair if we voted for a politician but then the politician/party is not chosen? 12/2/20
I think that it would be a great idea I would personally love to be a prime minister at my age.... Could kids be prime ministers??? 22/1/20
I think the NHS should be in some different countries but not all because if the NHS is in all... Should the NHS be in different countries 10/3/20
I do not think there should be a age limit on if they can vote because if they have a grate idea... What should the age limit be to vote in elections? 20/1/20
I think the government is not giving the NHS as much money as they could as they do have a lot.... Why isn’t the government giving more money to the NHS? 06/3/20
I think that every body should be allowed to vote because if kids have their own opinion than... Should everybody vote? 20/1/20
I do not think ther should be a person who would rule the world because each and every country... Do you think there should be one person can rule the world? 24/1/20
Me and my friend genius_chocolate got 14/16 New NHS Quiz! 10/3/20
I think that is a good post and I think you have to be passant to be a great prime minister also... What does it take to be a good Prime Minister? 22/1/20