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Question; what is “BLM”? Good idea btw. What should we do to still be able to protest during covid-19 12/2/21
About the robots replacing people’s jobs there are ups and downs about that happening...An... Session two: changing workforce 09/11/20
I like this post, I agree with your thoughts and also think violence should not be used in a... Why do people sometimes use violence in protest? 12/2/21
Being older means that they would have been wiser and would know what the public would want, the... How might being "x" make someone a better leader? 08/9/20
Anyways, I really like how you have laid out your report and I like how you have written it. The future of work 14/12/20
20/24 Take our future of work knowledge quiz! 14/12/20
If they were young it would be a lot longer unless they did not want to be president for long... How might being "x" make someone a better leader? 08/9/20
I think fake news would effect who wins the election because it can trick people surfing through... Is fake news effecting election results 15/10/20
Wow...don't really know what else to say The future of work 14/12/20
Not sure but taxis could be automated because tesla has auto pilot so there must be other... Session two: changing workforce 23/11/20
Good message...I do agree that people may not think their votes will be anything if they live in... Should electoral points be changed? 15/10/20