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They should have the right to speak or there Will be more protests in the future Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 04/10/19
20/20 Quiz: Test your Hong Kong knowledge! 04/10/19
Firstly we can bring soil to mars from earth and we could bring meat and for space... Mars habitation: is it possible? 18/11/19
The NHS does need more funds but the problem with that is we have to take more from other like... What is happening! Explained 10/3/20
No Can we afford to not have the NHS? 13/3/20
Why not wear face mask you never know what's coming Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 04/10/19
We should probably go set up a moon base and then go to mars because gravity is almost nonexi Mars vs Moon 06/12/19
He was the first man on the moon not in space a Russian man named Yuri Gagarin The diary of Neil Armstrong 10/12/19
The building would not float away if it was on the ground. For the oxygen we could use our space... Why we can’t move to mars and what it could to to our bodies 10/12/19
We can not do anything except send firemen and news reporters Australian Bushfires: Is the government doing enough? 22/1/20
There probably is not life on Pluto that if there was life on Pluto it would have to be... Does life exist on Pluto? 03/12/19
He is telling the truth I search it up Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 04/10/19
Mr excellent brain agree but the worst would be army getting involved because of many more... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 04/10/19
11/12 Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 21/11/19
We should probably go to the moon and setup a moon base but if you are talking about were we... Mars vs Moon 06/12/19
In the 5th paragraph you say that we should bring the asteroid to earth but what if the robot... Asteroid mining, can we do it? 10/12/19
I think we should ban space exploration for a while to deal with climate change but after that... Ban Space Exploration 11/12/19
No they probably won't stop Will the protests stop if we do nothing? 04/10/19
But no human has confirmed there is life have they Does life exist on Pluto? 03/12/19