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I liked the way you Said some nice comments Should Britain help Hong Kong? 16/10/19
I think we should reduce space junk because it is easy to do and the earth will be a lot more... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 02/12/19
I like this post because we can use robots to see a better view also don’t have to use oxygen.We... Send robots into space, not humans 11/12/19
I think brexit should not have started because it has just led to arguments and in our world we... why did David Cameron start brexit ? 28/1/20
I do not agree with you because we should help then because we owned them for 150 years so we... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 16/10/19
I really like space and I would like to see how big space is and how old it is. What is the universe expanding into? 09/12/19
Why do they were facemasks Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 16/10/19
I think that I would like to see aliens because they could teach us a whole new system and I... How would humans react if we really found aliens? 13/12/19
Thank you very much for the nice comments Donald trump abuses Greta Thumberg 24/1/20
I would like to suggest that we change our voting system. So instead of voting for a party you... #20 - What One Change....? 24/1/20
Space exploration really is not environmentally friendly so if we could make it we would be... Can space exploration be environmentally friendly? 09/12/19
I think so because there might not be a tommorow for some peoples lifes Should Britain help Hong Kong? 16/10/19
I think we should go to Mars because we will find a lot more information and we could get resources. Why Mars? 09/12/19
I think if we do intervene then we will not get any trades from china and most of our... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 14/10/19
To be a good prime minister I think you should be trust worthy because you don't want someone... What does it take to be a good Prime Minister? 28/1/20
It would be amazing to live in space because you could get a wonderful experience I would love... Can we live in space? 13/12/19
I agree with you What does it take to be a good Politician? 22/1/20
I think you have Mađe a really good comment .it is got very good imformation jolly_seahourse’s... Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 16/10/19
Leaders should not control our life's because we should be listed to when we have our opinions.... Do leaders control our lives? 28/1/20
I like this idea crafty_hurricane's because we could find more information faster Mars vs Moon 09/12/19
So I think it is perfectly ethical to do because we could get new equipment and new science that... Asteroid mining, can we do it? 09/12/19
I think we would loše all of our trades because if we help hong kong then then will not like it... Should Britain help Hong Kong? 16/10/19