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If I was a roving reporter I would report about sporting fixtures such as the rugby World Cup... #1 - Roving reporters 09/9/20
I think that it is important to vote because it is making you voice heard and your vote will count. Is it worth voting? 16/10/20
What was it like to be like with obama as I would like to make a post about him Ask experts your questions! 09/10/20
I think nobody interrupts them while they are talking because I Find that quite rude . I hope... #6 - Debate Decisions 16/10/20
Sorry I meant argee with me #6 - Debate Decisions 16/10/20
From reading Reggie Loves post I leant that she work with Obama for almost 8 years which is... #7 - Listen to learn! 16/10/20
If you have a look at biden's previous jobs he has been a lawyer,politician and a Vice President... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 10/9/20
I think is it 'making your voice heard' or 'think about the current issue 'because they have... #2 - Title Challenge 15/9/20