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We should spend the money on NASA because even though we have problems down here on earth there... IS NASA WORTH IT? 19/11/19
If I was prime minister , I would always ask the people what they see as being best for the... What would you do as prime minister? 10/1/20
Since space is so large we may never get to travel across all it but if we send multiple rockets... Are aliens real 19/11/19
I think that we should use robots because if we send humans up we could be endangering the... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 20/11/19
15/16 New NHS Quiz! 04/3/20
I think we should intervene to help Hong Kong as it is in many high risks of danger. At the same... Why Should we Intervene? 08/10/19
I don’t think that Trump should make a space force because we should keep space a peaceful place... Trump's 'Space Force' 18/11/19
I think we should spend the money on space travel because NASA promised that we would get... Climate Change vs Space Travel-What Should We Focus On? 04/12/19
If we start searching other planets then we could find some resources that would be helpful. It... Why space? 19/11/19
I think we should use inflatable rockets because it will be a lot less expensive and will be... Should we use inflatable rockets or not?? 20/11/19
16/16 New NHS Quiz! 06/3/20
I don't think mars is the next planet for humans because we still don't know how to get up there... Is Mars the next planet for humans? 09/12/19
I think we should trust NASA because they have made a lot of discoveries throughout the whole of... Should we trust NASA? 03/12/19
I am in the middle because if we do intervene then we could lose a lot of supplies that would... Should we get involved in the Hong Kong crisis 08/10/19
I think the moon landing was necessary because we have discovered a lot of new things that would... Was the moon landing necesary? 03/12/19
I think we should send robots into space because it is not endangering other humans so if the... Send robots into space, not humans 13/12/19
We should continue to find new planets because as you said "voyager 1 is out of our solar... Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 20/11/19
I think that space equipment shouldn't be so expensive because it might be a lot of hard work to creat Should space equipment be so expensive? 13/12/19
I think that space equipment shouldn't be so expensive because it might be a lot of hard work to... Should space equipment be so expensive? 13/12/19
I think space exploration can be environmentally friendly if we don't affect the planets around... Can space exploration be environmentally friendly? 09/12/19