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I get that a lot of people worked in the coal mines but it's kind of better they are not open... Donald Trump Update! 15/9/20
I think there are also good affects from an infodemic because when something is really important... How does an infodemic change the way people read the news? 10/3/21
I think they should keep it because if somewhere has more of a population it would most likely... Should electoral points be changed? 09/10/20
I really agree with your post but people have been affected well by the corona virus like how... How covid affects different jobs 02/12/20
I agree but I don't think money should matter it should only matter who is the better candidate... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 15/9/20
I believe he would be a better president then Donald Trump he care more about the planet he... What will Biden promise for the future of America if he is elected? 16/10/20
I think your post was great but I would say that the voting system is fair because California... Final piece 20/10/20
I think the age shouldn't matter as long as your over 18 and you have 5 years or over of... Should there be a new age restriction for president candidates? 10/9/20
I agree the public should always choose because they will be the ones who are led by them... Does the public deserve a democratic vote? 15/9/20