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Every voice should be heard, however small. Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 27/9/19
Amazing! It shows perfectly what happens when you chuck a plastic bottle ( or anything else non... The Story of A Plastic Bottle (in its point of view) 10/10/19
I mean “ I am more sceptical about A. “ #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 10/10/19
I believe that using robots for space exploration is good, however, they should still be... Humans vs robots: which should we use for space exploration? 18/11/19
Good idea, however, the cost just to make a spare rocket would be too great is it is not... Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 21/11/19
This is a balanced post full of reasons for both sides, and this made it difficult to have a... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 02/12/19
I mean 15/15. Politicians and Power Knowledge Quiz! 09/2/20
Q: Does anyone have any good ideas for some of the letters? If so, I would love to see them! ABC of space 18/11/19
I believe that politicians cannot be too honest as that helps them to express their opinion and... Can politicians be too honest? 22/1/20
I think, at the present moment, that we should NOT inhabit exo-planets because: They may not... Should we leave Earth and go to an Exoplanet? 21/11/19
They cannot always be trusted to make the better decision, however, stopping those children who... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 04/12/19
I agree entertaining_strawberry. Protecting Hong Kong could affect us dramatically, economically... What could happen I we helped 02/10/19
It is a minor asteroid known to be used for minerals and oil. ABC of space 02/11/19
Wrong person, sorry! Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 25/11/19
Sorry I will do so in future Hong Kong protests 01/10/19
I have another question. Would you rather be the King or Prime Minister of the UK? #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 16/1/20
Thanks! Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 20/11/19
It would be fair if they did not get who they voted for because in the system of voting,... Would it be fair if we voted for a politician but then the politician/party is not chosen? 09/2/20
I do not believe it is fair only rich people can go on the trip because then only certain people... Should Space Tourism be banned? 18/11/19
The title is: Broken World. I chose this as the title as the image displays the countries of... #32 - Give it a title! 21/4/20
This won’t affect Trump! He has such a LARGE army that Iran won’t even get CLOSE to him. If they... Donald Trump's soldiers attack on Iran and will it effect him? 09/2/20
9/12! Amazing quiz, I have learnt so much from it! Learn new stuff with our Solar System quiz! 20/11/19
31/40! Bumper end-of-term quiz! 04/4/20
Great Quiz! 20/20! I clearly enjoyed the sessions to remember all of that! Politicians and Power Knowledge Quiz! 09/2/20
I believe that politicians should not be fired if they’ve lied. This is because if the nation... If politicians lie should they be fired? 21/1/20
Good post! I have another thing that happens when you have power: You become famous, and... How can power effect your life? 21/1/20
I believe we should hold back these laws. They are changing these peoples lives, and not in a... How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 27/9/19
Social Media influences those who have not already got a strong opinion. This is because some... Can social media influence your political views? 13/1/20
13/16 New NHS Quiz! 25/2/20
I would be a space scientist. The BNC skill that would fit this is open-mindedness. I believe... #14 - Space Job Skills - Winners Announced! 06/12/19
We do rely on the NHS a lot, and we do rely on the NHS too much. We think because we are ill,... Do we rely on the NHS too much? 04/3/20
Good poem, very detailed! "Is wasting $16,000,000 Saad Hariri's solution to climate change?" I... My Politician Poem. 28/1/20
I agree, genius_chocolate. The NHS work incredibly hard to keep us healthy, and footballers are... Should NHS workers be paid more money than a footballer? 25/3/20
I think this might be due to the heavily increasing fossil fuel useage. Most transportation... Wildfires 15/5/20
This is a really good question, and it really got me thinking. Politicians have been elected to... Should Politicians get punished for their bad action? 06/2/20
Before trained astronauts make the journey into space, they are tested to see if they are ill.... Should Space Tourism Be Banned 09/12/19
Ty. That made my day! :) A School Divided 02/10/19
I found this question tricky to answer. There are strong points for both sides of the argument.... The International Space Station: $150 billion dollars well spent? 19/11/19
I also think the higher authorities should act on this problem. How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 27/9/19
This post is very interesting! I enjoyed reading it and there were multiple things I have learnt. Facts about exoplanets. 13/12/19
I disagree with A because the leader of the country could affect their future life, and they... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 10/10/19
Each supermarket we buy from has factories where they get their produce from. That means that... Is Coronavirus the earths way of saving itself? 07/4/20
This means that their identification system may not do enough. Even though there are guards,... Should strangers make your decision? 24/10/19
I believe that people should have the right to speak freely, if it is not offensive. Offensive... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 27/9/19
I think this is a similar problem to racism ( discrimination). Donald Trump does not like... A School Divided 27/9/19
Auto type sos Hong Kong 02/10/19
I believe that the moon landing was necessary because it helped us to invent new technologies... Was the moon landing necesary? 13/12/19
My question to Anita Janeri is: What do you believe that worst extreme weather type is, and... #33 - Ask the author! 27/4/20
Good poem! Also, this makes people realise even the smallest voices can be heard, and the... BRITIAN SHOULD DO SOMETHING !!!! 27/9/19
Not all of the experiences would have been positive. The continuous training could have made the... Astronaut’s diary 21/11/19
I agree, however, the government are taking precautions towards it. Recently, in Italy, over 400... Are people overreacting about the Corana virus? 20/3/20
I agree, @independent_elderberry. Politicians do spend lots of money on things that make a... Should the prime minister live in a big, expensive house, or just go to an office in the morning? 25/1/20
I got the information from: Do we need to continue searching for new planets? 25/11/19
I agree with your points, however, before you are arrested, you are sent to court. Coming out... Should strangers make your decision? 24/10/19
Also, great sentence starter! A School Divided 27/9/19
Interesting question. We may be the only life-form in the universe because: The planets we... Are we the only living life form in the universe? 28/11/19
I believe that we should not ban space exploration, however, it should not be our main focus.... Ban Space Exploration 10/12/19
It is not ok to break a promise. A promise is like a vow, you have told them that you will... Are there situations when it's OK to break a promise? 28/9/19
By the way that says Honk Kong. Instead of that for g you could write “ Go on till the end “ Hong Kong 02/10/19
I agree, blissful_reflection. Animals will not understand what is happening and may become... Should animals be allowed in space? 06/12/19
16/16!!!!! I'm so happy! Great Quiz, really tested my knowledge of the NHS! New NHS Quiz! 06/3/20
Something I think that will happen is Space Pollution continuing for at least a year. This is... #15 - Will, Might, Won't! 13/12/19
Interesting thought. Alien life could live on Pluto as life forms can live deep underwater.... Does life exist on Pluto? 25/11/19
Paying for our healthcare would solve lots of financial issues with the NHS. It would result in... Do we Deserve Free Healthcare from the NHS? 28/2/20
All the pictures are the odd one out for different reasons. Picture A is the odd one out because... #30 - News Odd One Out - Winners Announced! 07/4/20
I believe that children above the age of 16 should be allowed to vote, but not those who are... Do you think children should be allowed to vote? 10/1/20
I understand your point, @smart_parrot, however, if you do not get enough exercise you will... Fitness-why is this so important during lock down? 02/4/20
We do have a say in politics. The whole point the Ancient Greeks invented Democracy was so that... do we even have a say in politics 09/2/20
I also believe Space Tourism should be banned as at the present moment, only trained astronauts... Should Space Tourism be banned? 18/11/19
NASA is real, because otherwise the space race (The war between the United States and Soviet... Is NASA fake 19/11/19
I would raise awareness of the climate change crisis as currently, no actions are being made by... #20 - What One Change....? 27/1/20
This was not taken well because people did not vote for the substitute, they voted for the Prime... Should there be more than one Prime Minister per country? 09/2/20
It is not unfair to raise sugar tax as it is for the people's benefits. It would also be good if... Is it fair for the government to make unhealthy food and drinks more expensive? 06/3/20
Such a detailed A-Z! I cannot think of any better ones as they are so good! A-Z of space exploration. 02/11/19
I believe that Boris Johnson has more power. This is because every idea to change something... Who has more power: Boris Johnson or the Queen? 10/1/20
Just because they are from the same party does not mean they have the same opinion. Should their be two prime minister per country??? 15/1/20
I meant to write only one piece of equipment, but thank you for pointing that out! ABC of space 02/11/19
I used to believe that voting was just to change something for the good of Politicians, because... #22 - I used to think... Now I think... 09/2/20
It was in one of our BNC lessons. Space Inventions - How They Have Impacted Our Lives 16/12/19
I believe that number 3 would be the most worth doing because climate change affects animals on... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 03/12/19
They are too strong for us to fight. How is Hong Kong Going to Reach a Compromise with it's People? 27/9/19
Politicians cannot do everything because: - Before an action takes place, it must be voted for... Can politicians do what they want? 16/1/20
I believe that Space Tourism should be banned, as the concept of it is pointless. To,... Should Space Tourism Be Banned 09/12/19
* Be a feared country Is China trying to start tensions with The United Kingdom? 27/9/19
Israel has a substitute Prime Minister as well as a normal Prime Minister. The substitute will... Should there be more than one Prime Minister per country? 28/1/20
Great poem! Rlly imaginative. Hong Kong By Alphabet 10/10/19
I have another question: How many politicians have abused their power whilst being in the UK,... Do some politicians abuse their power? 24/1/20
In this issue, the hardest thing to make my mind up about was how bad of a crime each Prime... #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 16/2/20
(I meant to write "He, therefore, cannot take control of the NHS." Not "contrionof." Sorry!) If Donald Trump gets the NHS will he take care of it? 06/3/20
Agreed. I think they are trying to match the bigger countries ( like Russia ) to be the best,... Is China trying to start tensions with The United Kingdom? 27/9/19
The pregnant lady may not be able to stand up. I agree with your point, but I would let the... Who would get the seat on the bus? 02/10/19
I believe we can send robots in space, but they would be accompanied by humans. This is because... Send robots into space, not humans 13/12/19
It doesn’t. I only used Climate Change as an example of the time needed to solve problems. #15 - Will, Might, Won't! 16/12/19
It is not normally ok to protest violently because violence is not needed. If, however, verbal... When is it OK to protest violently? 28/9/19
Brilliant! It makes you think twice about what is actually going to happen. 👍🏻 SORRY- Climate change story 24/10/19
8/10! Amazing quiz and really interesting! Take our New Year quiz! 23/1/20
I chose: ‘73% WOULD PAY MORE TO SAVE THE NHS’ - The Daily Mirror. I believe that the... #25 - Behind the Headlines - Winners Announced! 04/3/20
I would give my seat to the old woman because: She may not be able to stand properly. (If the... Who'd you offer your chair to? 24/10/19
I believe that we have MPs because without them, each borough would not be able to have a... why do we have MP's? 16/2/20
If I had the honour to speak to those volunteers, I would say: "I, and everyone else in this... #29 - Write an inspiring speech - Winners Announced! 02/4/20
It is a good idea, however, how would the oxygen get into the astronauts lungs without them... no suit in space 20/11/19
I do not think the NHS should go world-wide. This is because the NHS is already struggling to... Should the NHS be WORLD WIDE! 25/3/20
Interesting post, giving_orangutan. I personally don't think Donald Trump should be able to... If Donald Trump gets the NHS will he take care of it? 06/3/20
Motto: “ If we work together, we can reach beyond the stars.” I chose this because it shows the... #11 - Make a Motto for NASA 18/11/19
I believe that those in the public eye SHOULD behave well because they may be a role model to... Do famous people have more of a responsibility to behave well? 16/1/20
I believe it is a case that we should not act on because most of the daily objects around the... Should Britain interfere with Hong Kong? 28/9/19
Electric rockets are a great idea, however, there are disadvantages to them too. They are a... Should we start to make electric space rockets? 06/12/19
Without Artificial limbs, some people's lives would be completely different. They would have to... Space Inventions - How They Have Impacted Our Lives 13/12/19
I believe there should only be one Prime Minister per country. This is because there is already... Should their be two prime minister per country??? 10/1/20
(I accidentally pressed add comment! This is the comment continued.) In addition to this, there... Should the NHS be WORLD WIDE! 25/3/20
Here’s a question: Who was the hardest person you have ever interviewed, and why? I would ask... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 10/1/20