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I think social media is the thing that we youse all the time like chatting to you... How does Social Media affect the Popular Vote? 09/10/20
I think that the electoral votes shouldn’t be the same because if there all the same there’s... Should electoral points be changed? 07/10/20
Good news is that people are getting vaccinated so things can go back to normal. #25 The other 10% 10/3/21
The survey has now helped me now to watch the news more now. Thank you Tom. Survey: You and the news! 18/9/20
My rule is that people should be allowed to say what they think because we live in a democracy... #6 - Debate Decisions 16/10/20
Saying you're opinions and thoughts because burnet news club is about sherering your thoughts... #2 - Title Challenge 15/9/20
Donald Trump should be elected as you said and he also said that he will give the states to... Who should get elected, Biden, or Trump? 18/9/20
I would like to ask Debbie Marks a question.What inspired you to write your book. Ask an expert! 25/11/20
I’ve been enspired by David Attenborough(the natural historian )because his documentary’s show... #36 Work for the world! 25/5/21
This post has changed my point of view. Trump or Biden, The Pros And Cons. 09/10/20
This is a good post. My American Citizen's Interview 15/10/20