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What with everything that's going on, I feel one of the most important things are: Recycle. I... #34 - Global Connections 04/5/20
I think art was always there, because animals create art. Obviously, they can't grab an easel... Was art invented by humans, or was it always there? 17/6/20
Hello. I'm hopeful_city. Don't take this the wrong way, but I think this post is too short. It... “If you don’t see one you can’t be one”. Artwork 08/7/20
You're welcome!!! 👌👌😋 What is art? 14/7/20
I think the most important thing in a job is that you get to help people. You make people's... What's most important in a job? 01/11/20
Me too! 😉 “If you don’t see one, you can’t be one.” Artwork 05/7/20
Thanks! How and why can art change people’s emotions? 09/7/20
Animals can create forms of art, but not exactly defined pictures e.g a human could paint a... What is art? 12/6/20
Thanks, witty_banana, I agree, they should try and succeed and achieve their dreams! Is it too late? 13/3/20
I once went to an art gallery. There was a picture of a man, but it was 3D! If you stood far... How and why can art change people’s emotions? 12/6/20
My virtual festival would have quiet, easy-listening music, as I am not very into pop music. It... #39 - Your Virtual Festival 07/6/20
It really makes me feel good! Art is something in all of us, we sometimes just don't know it 06/7/20
Ooh! #44 - VIPs (Very Important Perspectives) 13/7/20
Thanks for the advice, Olivia:) Is our health important?? 17/3/20
One ( of the many people ) I heard from this year is Katie@the BNC. Katie asked me what makes... #44 - VIPs (Very Important Perspectives) 11/7/20
What if people disagreed and started rioting? Graffiti 10/7/20
'I wished it could be my school, but I bet Michael Faraday School deserved it.' I think. Issue 1 Thought Leader Announced! 23/10/20
My advert would say: To whom it may concern, Soon we will open our doors to the public eye,... #40 - An Advert for Art 12/6/20
Thankyou, bright_badger, your comment made my day! What is art? 12/6/20
I agree miraculous_badger! #40 - An Advert for Art 16/6/20
This is good! My NHS Poem. 12/7/20
This is interesting! You should be a reporter, you write such good articles! What is the impact of a volcano on extreme weather events? 12/7/20
Where you make lifelong friends and meet your true love OK, maybe it's boring sometimes, and... #9 - Acrostic Poem 01/11/20
Yeah. Most graffiti would be done by spray paints. But, now I think about it, it might just be... Graffiti 07/7/20
I watched a video and things you can't reuse, you actually CAN re - use, at least in some way,... How bad is Climate Change? 21/4/20
Yes, but children NEED education. Plus, if the school is using anti-bac hand gel and washing... Why I think teachers should stop working in this lockdown. 04/11/20
I ❤ photography! It's my absolute favourite form of art!!!!!!!!!!! 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉 Art comes in all shapes and sizes 05/7/20
Yes it is, Tom! Graffiti 17/7/20
:) #39 - Your Virtual Festival 11/6/20
Wow, this advert's making me want to drive down to London NOW! #40 - An Advert for Art 15/6/20
All those different subjects are very interesting, I wonder which one is more important :| DEFINE THE WORDS! 21/4/20
I like that poem, eager_reflection! Good vocab!! #9 - Acrostic Poem 01/11/20
I soooooo agree The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 29/5/20
Anybody who reads this, I hope you will be happy to learn about the cave paintings and their... What is art? 01/6/20
Tis a wonderful post! You two are very good at writing posts! The ending is so emotional! I will... Is science more important to the public than the arts? 17/7/20
Ohhh but OK. THE HUB IS NOW CLOSED! 18/7/20
This is a very empowering post! Can you explain why you think this? I agree with the message though! Where is art? 17/7/20
Weather can bring beauty and destruction but natural things, like rain cannot be stopped. Weather - bad or good? 22/4/20
Mainly because we don't need more art, much as I love art❤, if they spend money on art, there... Why the government should be spending money on the arts 15/7/20
Can we comment/post? I have submitted one for approval.😑😑 THE HUB IS NOW CLOSED! 18/7/20
What do you think? If they used acrylic paints, would it be graffiti? Graffiti 03/7/20
I am not sure what the percent of government spending is, but it would probably be quite high as... Is this enough? 09/3/20
To everyone who commented and shared their thoughts, thankyou! I agree with warmhearted_memory, though! Weather - bad or good? 22/4/20
I on't quite agree enigmatic_weasel, my county isnt spending loads The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 29/5/20
Yes! It's 'Show not Tell'! Are stories art? 10/7/20
BNC is closing??? When will it be open? It's one of the things keeping me entertained during... THE HUB IS NOW CLOSED! 10/7/20
Well, having an app might work, but, how many people would donate money for the beds, I mean, I... #27 - Ideas for Improvement 17/3/20
I am very happy :) that someone is doing a post about littering, as it is a major problem, I... LITTERING!!! 23/4/20
You're welcome! The many ways of expressing the arts 25/6/20
If politicians could do what they wanted then the world would be poor and all the politicians... Can politicians do whatever they wish ? 28/1/20
And we REALLY should cut down on plastic uses, as they damage the environment, which is also a... How bad is Climate Change? 21/4/20
I disagree, as drought is caused by global warming, it heats it up, then cracks, making an... DROUGHT 22/4/20
Much as it causes extreme weather, it also causes forest fires, and I can't bear to see animals suffer :( Global warming 04/5/20
I disagree. If they do it on their house it is still vandalism, if they haven't asked. Graffiti 08/7/20
Very openminded, generous_seagull, it's nice to see you see the different shades from a... What is art? 12/6/20
Maybe because they are wealthy and think they should be the only ones to get good healthcare so... Is it too late? 12/3/20
Also, we don't know what the future holds for animals, bad or good? We make that decision, it's... How bad is Climate Change? 21/4/20
Hi, I'm hopeful_city! I am a huge art lover❤, but I have never painted a picture😯. I want to... ART - Am I allowed to make it? 05/7/20
I'm about to do it! Final quiz of the year! 18/7/20
Ok! How and why can art change people’s emotions? 10/7/20
We do treasure art, but sometimes we take it for granted. People look at the Mona Lisa because... Art-for everyone. 07/7/20
I really like this post, it considers art in all the ways! The meaning of art 13/6/20
I find inspiration through soooo many things. E.g I might get inspired to paint a picture of an... #43 - What inspires your ideas? 05/7/20
I agree with cheerful_ photograph as the Suffragettes used to tie themselves to gates with chains! What is Democracy? 18/1/20
I 100% agree with your post as only 2% goes to the environment :(, so sad I am a huge animal... Is this enough? 17/3/20
I agree! That's a brilliant idea! Graffiti 14/7/20
Good thinking! How and why can art change people’s emotions? 29/6/20
This is interesting! I saw on the competition you said you were going to do it in a post, so I... #40 - An Advert for Art: fulfilled_starfruit 18/7/20
Thankyou! 😉 I've seen some of your posts, and they're great too! Natural art 06/7/20
I 100% disagree with this post because the NHS should not be privatised as what will the people... The NHS is failing 13/3/20
Hmmm, what an interesting question. If they used acrylic paints, I think it would be graffiti,... Graffiti 01/7/20
Okay I thought there was. Why people shouldn't waste the NHS. 07/6/20
What if other people were annoyed? Graffiti 09/7/20
Thanks for commenting, mindblowing_clarinet, I agree! Is our health important?? 21/4/20
And recycle! Boo Yah! Global warming 29/5/20
I agree with involved_watermelon as maybe the NHS do need more Is this enough? 16/3/20
I agree with your poem, memorable_orchard, the NHS are in trouble! And it is great you are... My NHS Poem. 17/3/20
Thnks, brilliant_fossil, I hope it will educate you for the future. And you'll be very good at... What is art? 01/6/20
It is really interesting! Are stories art? 25/6/20
I really like art. In homeschool, I learnt about foreground, middle ground and background. It... Part 2 of Art...!!! 06/7/20
Well, not that much research, but it took me a while to memorise all those places cave paintings... What is art? 01/6/20
I hope arty people like me will enjoy the way every piece of work, comment or post, are all... What is art? 01/6/20
Art can be anything! Do you think weird things can be art? E.g an unmade bed? What is art? 12/6/20
Dear Jeremy, do you think that Boris Johnson is a good leader?Also, is your job fun or... #18 - Question the Questioner - Winners Announced! 13/1/20
It might. It depends on whether they liked art a lot, or a little bit. How and why can art change people’s emotions? 29/6/20
Recycling stops plastic flowing into the sea and making rivers rise, eventually shooting over... Global warming 04/5/20
It certainly is very helpful! 😉 The many ways of expressing the arts 05/7/20
MHM! A LETTER TO MR. GOVE : the Hong Kong crisis 12/7/20
Forest fires, caused by deforestation, cause global warming, so the two are linked in a way. How bad is Climate Change? 21/4/20
I ❤❤❤❤❤❤ art!❤ Graffiti 03/7/20
I have learnt that in America, people must pay for healthcare, basically meaning you can't... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 11/3/20
People have forgiven our MP's for what is past is past, I sort of agree but there is a part of... The MPs Expenses Scandal 28/1/20
In my opinion, art is important because it can change the way you look at something. You might... #38 - Hundred Word Challenge 31/5/20
Wow, radical_koala, your virtual festival sounds like nothing I've ever heard before! ( that was... #39 - Your Virtual Festival 07/6/20
Yes! I really like this post! How can it help people with disabilities?😌😌👌👍👍♥♥❤ Incredible value of art 17/7/20
Thankyou! 👍😉 What do YOU think? 07/7/20
Is it ideas for a fundraiser? #41 - Ideas to Include 21/6/20
You are totally right Olivia! He definitely has a hard future ahead of him- I feel sorry for him... The reasons why you shouldn't like Donald Trump. 08/1/20
I disagree with this, as the NHS try their very best to help all their patients get better and... #26 - Fact Findings - Winners Announced! 11/3/20
You shouldn't feel disappointed if a painting goes wrong, you should feel determined to make... How and why can art change people’s emotions? 25/6/20
Can you add onto that? E.g why you think that? What can art be? 26/6/20
Why don't people realize, it's nearly too late! How bad is Climate Change? 22/4/20
"I honestly think this is brill!" #39 - Your Virtual Festival 11/6/20
Maybe! I'll do some research! Was art invented by humans, or was it always there? 18/6/20
I am a student from Britain, but I would still like to share my views. I think the NHS are doing... Your feedback - tell us what you think! 31/5/20
I'm really happy my post got through! :) Thanks, whoever put it on, I didn't think it'd get... What can art be? 16/6/20
Thankyou! 😉 😊😊😊 Natural art 07/7/20
Totally! #40 - An Advert for Art 17/6/20
If I may comment on this comment :) " I think this is super good" #39 - Your Virtual Festival 11/6/20
I agree quickwitted_piano Global warming 27/5/20
I have only just learnt about the scandal and I am very shocked about that is how our MP's would... The MPs Expenses Scandal 28/1/20
You know how no children have died, my teacher says that is because we have stronger immune... Is our health important?? 17/3/20
Thanks for the tip, Olivia! What do YOU think? 16/6/20
150?! I've NEVER done that many!! Are stories art? 10/7/20
Thanks for the link, Tom @ the BNC, and discreet_drum for commenting on my post! I am excited... Fake News Or Real News - Differences and Opinions 26/3/21
Thank you, amiable_panther. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Art from a different point of view 23/6/20
It also seems very full and exciting, radical_ koala, super fun! #39 - Your Virtual Festival 10/6/20
The hardest thing has been to decide which MP's have been the worst and which ones to write... #23 - I Can't Make My Mind Up - Winners Announced! 14/2/20
I've noticed you only do huuuge long comments! Are stories art? 10/7/20
It's my favourite too! I LOVE art, because it's really relaxing ( even if I'm not that good at drawing! ) Session 1: What is art? 01/6/20
Yes! What do you think would happen if graffiti went inside buildings? Graffiti 07/7/20
Ant type of graffiti, I meant! Graffiti 02/7/20
The effects of drought is bad, but I think we should be more focused on things like global... DROUGHT 21/4/20
What if the government made a little area where all the grafitiers could express their feelings? art is there to much 13/6/20
Wowzer! This post deserves 5 stars! I love it! The many ways of expressing the arts 25/6/20
Random! Graffiti 09/7/20
I have just read about two very nasty people, one of which is named Chris Huhne who drove over... Are politicians well known for their bad actions more than their good ones? 04/2/20
I don't think the government should spend their money on the arts. Why the government should be spending money on the arts 15/7/20
I only want Joe Biden to win, because I don't like Donald Trump; he has done terrible things. Session six: reflection 01/11/20
Or a library! #40 - An Advert for Art 13/6/20
I have seen a lot of your posts. They're really good! I think you are very open minded and sceptical! Weather - bad or good? 01/6/20
It wouldn't work, though. People would get injured. Graffiti 10/7/20
Mhm! Hitler's control over art in Nazi Germany 11/7/20
Thanks Olivia, I tried to do what the subject was, as when I had just started BNC I did about 4... Is our health important?? 17/3/20
What I want to know is, why does it start and is there anything to stop them? Hurricane 21/4/20
If we don't do anything, then it will get worse, not go away, like chickenpox, even if you don't... Global warming 04/5/20
Climate change is a HUGE problem, I say, Reuse, recycle, reduce How bad is Climate Change? 22/4/20
Wow! My guinea pigs made a sort of art piece out of number twos (eek!) and it ended up looking... Natural art 09/7/20
You are from my school, free_avocado! The many ways of expressing the arts 25/6/20
That i very, very good! Where did you learn that?! What is art? 24/6/20
I like the way you think, warmhearted_memory, very openminded! Weather - bad or good? 22/4/20
I think if the USA had a female president, there might be less fighting in America with rival... Do think America would want another man president? 11/9/20
You are so right! We should not give up, that would be like being given a maths question and... Is it too late? 16/3/20
Well, Mrs/Miss Artemjeva, I think bigger businesses will not be affected as much, but... How will small businesses be affected by Covid-19? 04/11/20
You're welcome, and isn't it hard thinking up stuff to put in posts? What can art be? 15/6/20
This is really good! 💕💕 I wonder where you got that information! 👍👍 Becoming an MP 18/7/20
I love this! It's a very experienced poem! Art is something in all of us, we sometimes just don't know it 25/6/20
You're welcome, spirited_insect! I hope your post gets through! What can art be? 26/6/20
My robot would be called The Helping Hand, and would do the job of any worker you programmed it... #10 - Design a robot! 08/11/20
I think if Boris Johnson stays in charge then the NHS will be at risk of losing more and more... Is the NHS safe in Boris Johnson’s hand? 02/3/20
oh yeah! The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 29/5/20
Thanks!!😝😋 My Art Poem 01/11/20
You're welcome! 😎😎😎 Graffiti 14/7/20
That is very good! Just reading that comment brought tears to my eyes! How and why can art change people’s emotions? 08/7/20
I agree with amiable_panther as the Coronavirus is getting closer and we need to think about... Is this enough? 11/3/20
I am proud of the NHS, but some people in my class aren't and say they hate it, which I find... Is this enough? 21/4/20
Mhm! If you don't, your picture won't be as good. 😯. ☺☺☺ ART - Am I allowed to make it? 06/7/20
Do we? Do we? Really? Really, honorable_tennis?? The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 29/5/20
Most people could, unless you don't really like art. How and why can art change people’s emotions? 08/7/20
Defo! What is art? 19/6/20
Oh, and you're from my school as well! What is art? 15/6/20
Wow! I hope you manage to do that, sympathetic_desert! #39 - Your Virtual Festival 11/6/20
Yeah! Let's hope we don't wake up with a lion in our bedroom! 😊 Natural art 06/7/20
If people rioted, then people would get trampled. Graffiti 13/7/20
Thanks for letting me know! Do you think you can still paint emotional pictures if you're... What do YOU think? 19/6/20
I like the way you think, amiable_panther, a baby could accidentally dial 999, and I think the... Why people shouldn't waste the NHS. 21/4/20
That's a brilliant idea, amiable_panther! What else do you use? What do YOU think? 07/7/20
It was like a circle with a pattern inside! It was kinda weird, but better than you'd expect... Natural art 18/7/20
To be a good prime minister you must have many qualities such as: being a great leader,... What does it take to be a good Prime Minister? 16/1/20
My school has no stars :( Updated: Where is your school on the leaderboard? 15/2/20
I just realized that despite the Coronavirus all of us are not taking this seriously, some kids... Is our health important?? 17/3/20
What book was it? I think it'd really, and I mean really help me with my art. Facts about the Mona Lisa 04/7/20
But what if it wasn't a mobile phone? What if it was one where you just dial the numbers? In my... Why people shouldn't waste the NHS. 07/6/20
You're welcome, and, seriously, this is a great comment. Very descriptive and you used advanced vocab! #40 - An Advert for Art 17/6/20
Oopsie! I meant 'any'! Graffiti 02/7/20
I agree, amiable_panther, I am a HUGE animal fan, and it is soooooooo sad to see polar bears and... How bad is Climate Change? 21/4/20