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Aimed at Dr Ali Hassan: I feel as if in the future, if the NHS goes down hill or may not have... Our NHS experts are ready for your questions! 05/3/20
I think it needs to be sustainable . As you were saying original-significance about drugs, if we... What do you need to think about before becoming an MP or Prime Minister. 03/2/20
Art is everything to me! Art is one way that I can express my self . My favorite art is graffiti... Session 1: What is art? 14/7/20
There should not be more than 1 Prime Minister. Firstly, there would be confusion and tension... Should there be more than one Prime Minister per country? 03/2/20
I agree to your thought. I wish I had said that. #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 03/2/20
The Chinese should of acted quicker because if one person is sick and dies and more than 10... Coronavirus outbreak: how much responsibility lies with the Chinese leaders? 29/1/20
Yes, they mention bad things than good things.If we listen to all good things a person will get... Are politicians well known for their bad actions more than their good ones? 03/2/20
I think we should have MP as they help make decision and makes things straight with the Prime... why do we have MP's? 04/2/20
I think politicians should deserve more respect as we don't really focus on them as much. On the... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 03/2/20
I think it is right to choose a politician and not a party, because when we choose a party we... Would it be fair if we voted for a politician but then the politician/party is not chosen? 03/2/20
Oh, yay. We are 4th. Congratulations to all of the other amazing schools. Updated: Where is your school on the leaderboard? 04/2/20
9/10 due to douse errors Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 12/2/20
I think it might be very difficult however if you but it on a most watched website (such as... Coronavirus outbreak: how much responsibility lies with the Chinese leaders? 03/2/20
I think the most relevant option is point 3 because of the time of crisis, satellites for... #13- Breaking News Reaction - Winners Announced! 04/12/19