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Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
In my opinion, the answer is no because the educational system focuses a lot more on academic... Weekly Competition #20 07/2/19
I chose D because crime is not a laughing matter and some people's lives have been negatively... Weekly competition #19 30/1/19
Money matters, as it is an important asset used to obtain needs such as food, water and shelter. Weekly Competition #13 05/12/18
I disagree because words can do as much damage and good as actions can. For example, verbal... Weekly Competition #6 17/10/18
I agree with you, however what if someone wanted to say something that could be deemed very... Should everyone have the right to free speech? 17/10/18
This is a very good quiz except that there's a delay from clicking on the answer to moving onto... What have you learnt so far? Try our quiz! 26/9/18
Adding onto my previous comment, I do think that Aung San Suu Kyi is under a lot of pressure and... Weekly Competition #3 26/9/18
I am quite surprised that Aung San Suu Kyi has been so dismissive about this: I think it is very... Weekly Competition #3 26/9/18