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I have learnt loads from this topic and hope that the next one will be just as exciting and... Check it out! End of the Issue Quiz! 22/10/18
Why did the Lehman brothers collapse? Ask the experts your questions! 06/11/18
I think that the main reason to put people in prison is B in most cases but in some D. I think... Weekly competition #19 01/2/19
I would give most of it to charity and some to myself and my family. What Would You Do With £100 Billion? 03/11/18
People say that if you are using violence to fight bad, then it must be good. People are... Why so violent? 16/10/19
I changed my mind about Caster Semenya competing in athletics competitions. When I first heard... Weekly Competition #24 06/3/19
I think that the bosses of the banks are to blame because they chose to lend money to people who... The Financial Crisis - Who is to blame? 08/11/18
Thanks for giving me a star Modi and the Rohingya crisis 16/10/18
Life developed on this planet because a chances, and evolution. The universe is huge, some say... Are we the only living life form in the universe? 20/11/19
I think that everyone should have a chance to speak out for what they believe in without being... Myanmar: are people being punished for telling the truth? 18/10/18
You said that you think that the Rewards and bonuses scheme is the least fair. I agree with you,... Reasons and Ideas for Banks 22/11/18
Oh, thanks for this piece of information. I was thinking that the Bank of England could make a... Reasons and Ideas for Banks 23/11/18
I think that financial crises are an inexorable part of any financial and economic system, but... Financial Crises 06/11/18
This question is very puzzling, and it has made me think a lot. If another financial crisis... what action would you take if there were to be anouther financial crisis 20/11/18
I think that financial help should be given to Bangladesh as it costs a lot (US$1 billion per... Trouble in Bangladesh! 30/9/18
This is my own work but I got information from lots of different websites. I like to go on lots... What is happening in Bangladesh and how is the country coping? 13/10/18
I think that picture C is the odd one out because there is no evident anger or opposition to... Weekly Competition #4 30/9/18
We did the same task at our school, and I chose the Rohingya person and Aung San Suu Kyi. I... BNC viewpoint activity 13/10/18
I think that the Rohingya crisis and climate change are linked because all of the refugees from... Weekly Competition #39 03/7/19
I am furious about what is happening at the moment in Myanmar, as innocent people are being... Weekly Competition #3 26/9/18
I do not think that the police are being taken over by technology, as even if technology s used,... Are the Police being Taken Over By Technology? 14/2/19
I think that Aung San Suu Kyi should keep her Nobel prize, as she has earned it in another way,... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi's peace prize be revoked? 30/9/18
I think that we should have lessons about finance in school so that children, when they are... We need to have better education about finances in school. 20/11/18
Thanks for telling me this. I think that if the government could not stop people in the private... Is the economy fair? 04/12/18
If a group is tarred with the same brush, it means that, because some of the group behave badly,... Banker: Is it a dirty word now? 11/12/18
I found a story about 60 people who attended a man's funeral even though they did not know him,... Weekly Competition #21 13/2/19
I definitely feel that the rohingya should be able to live their lives to the full, and how they... Whose perspective is missing? 30/9/18
I feel disgusted and furious but also thankful. I feel thankful that we live in a country where... Weekly Competition #3 24/9/18
I do think that politicians deserve more respect For one, we criticise them a lot for making bad... #21 - Poll - Do politicians deserve more respect? 05/2/20
Having read this post and the articles used as sources, I think that this would be a bad idea,... Asteroid mining, can we do it? 04/12/19
I think that it would be ethical if they were given a choice. The would have the choice to... How are we going to undergo the conditions and time of Space Travel? 04/12/19
Yes, definitely. Your thoughts on Myanmar Violence 25/9/18
Thanks, I also really like your idea for splitting the money and helping homeless people, even... Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
I think that the pregnant lady may be in pain though and the man with the crutch may not be able... Who should get your seat? 15/10/18
If I had £100,000 to invest in a business, I would invest it in something which would positively... Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
I think that it is worth the dangers of human space travel to explore space with people because... #10 - Brain-stand! Winners Announced 13/11/19
I think that the benefits of stop and search overcome the risks as it can be very important to... Information on Stop and Search 06/2/19
I think that some walls are good, and some are bad. Good walls can include the ones such as in... Building walls to keep people out: is it ever right? 22/5/19
I think that the problem with transporting materials through space could be solved by only... Send robots into space, not humans 18/12/19
I know it was just an accident, the small foot which got in the way and tripped me up, but... Weekly Competition #17 17/1/19
I think that one person can make a difference, because one person speaking up can have a huge... Can an individual personal make a difference to climate change? 10/7/19
I saw a sausage sitting on the roof I didn't know if it was soft or it was bulletproof I... Weekly Competition #5 11/10/18
I think that actions do speak louder than words, because you may say you believe something and... Weekly Competition #6 13/10/18
I think that the news story on Greta Thunberg striking school and staying outside of the Swedish... Weekly Competition #21 14/2/19
Why does our government and justice sysytem not do more to help and support young people who... Weekly Competition #20 02/2/19
I think that Aung San Suu Kyi should do something. She had the chance to speak out to help stop... Wake up, Aung San Suu Kyi! 30/9/18
Thanks. Not seeing your post published? What we want for this Issue 02/2/19
Banks: lend, loan, save, store They can make you or break you Will you take the risk? Weekly Competition #14 11/12/18
I think that even if the USA and Mexico will be blocked off from each other they will still be... Is Trump seeing both sides of the argument? 01/5/19
I think that Aung San Suu Kyi should be criticised because, although she has done good things in... Aung San Suu Kyi criticised (2) 01/10/18
I think that there should be an age limit because, at the moment, it is very expensive to send... Should there be an age limit on who can go up to space? 04/12/19
I think that too much knife crime is being shown in the media, as there is much crime other than... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 29/1/19
When I was much younger, I met a family who lived on our street. They had three children, two... Weekly Competition #31 09/5/19
I think that pocket money can be both a good and bad thing. Pocket money can be good because... Is Pocket Money A Good Thing? 03/11/18
I do not agree: I think that firemen and women should be paid well as they risk their lives for... Are parents wages fare. 12/12/18
Where is it? BNC LIVE 2019: 1st February! 07/1/19
I think that they shouldn't ban the face masks. It is in the government's best interests to keep... Face mask is ban in Hong Kong 16/10/19
I think that if this happened, it would be a tragedy, as our mix of ethnicities is part of what... What would happen if this spread to different contries? 30/9/18
1. I think that the financial crisis was good in some ways. For one, it is a lesson to banks not... Effects of the Financial Crisis 09/11/18
I think that there is such a thing as victimless crime in places where women do not have equal... Is there such thing as a victimless crime? 17/1/19
Personally, I think that the military and government is to blame because, although some of the... Who is actually to blame for the crisis? 22/10/18
This is a good question. In the eyes of the law, if a child under the age of ten harms someone,... What is your opinion on violence ? 30/9/18
Thanks everyone for commenting on my post Who is actually to blame for the crisis? 11/10/18
My school has decided to have a meat-free Wednesday, meaning that on Wednesday they only sell... Weekly Competition #27 28/3/19
I think that we should travel to Mars because Mars holds a lot more potential than the Moon... Mars vs Moon 04/12/19
Thanks for informing me. Do posts about finance, poverty and things in that area count as the... Reasons your post hasn't been published! 08/11/18
8/8 Quiz! What have you learnt so far? 01/2/19
I am sceptical about Quote A because it states that children should not be allowed to vote on... #5 Questionable Quotes - Winners Announced! 09/10/19
I do not think that we have to choose between developing technology for surviving on earth and... What have we actually gained from space exploration? Has it gone too far? 18/12/19
If there was no money left on the world and it was impossible to make any more, we would not... Weekly Competition #9 03/11/18
I think that people should not be able to say whatever they want. My opinion is that, in most... Should people have the right to say whatever they want? 18/9/19
One option we could have for travelling through space and sustaining humans for the length of... How are we going to undergo the conditions and time of Space Travel? 04/12/19
I agree with you that immigrants should be helped and allowed into the country, as they are in... Why I Believe in that we should stay in the EU 04/3/19
I like how you have used a creative and storytelling narrative instead of just explaining what... Weekly Competition #9 08/11/18
Introspective - yes, the stars are far away and very certainly not a part of ourselves, but... #8 - Three Words And Why 30/10/19
I think that there should be law in space because although they are not bound by the laws of one... Is space lawless? 13/11/19
There are many theories I have to why Bangladesh is being so kind to the Rohingya... What is happening in Bangladesh and how is the country coping? 15/10/18
I really like this idea because it is great for the environment but also good financially, good idea. Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18
Money matters because it can keep people alive: it can give them food water and shelter; in... Weekly Competition #13 04/12/18
I think that there may be a way to break this cycle if we publicise articles in the media... Is the media showing too much knife-crime? 30/1/19
I would like to hear what a citizen of either Bangladesh or Myanmar have to say on the subject,... who would you like to hear from? 30/9/18
If you want to be able to pay a loan back and not go to court, you should make sure that, before... A member of the public struggling to pay the bank back... 08/11/18
Brexit is like a round of chickenpox. Nobody can see it coming, but when it arrives, everyone... Weekly Competition #25 13/3/19
I agree with you fearless_conversation, and the fact that the pregnant lady is carrying the... Who should get your seat? 15/10/18
Responding to would the enforcing of law in space because it would be hard to bring them back to... Is space lawless? 20/11/19
I think that the UN should give financial support to Bangladesh due to the huge amount of money... Trouble in Bangladesh! 21/10/18
I agree with all these solutions. I also think that if more employment was provided in poorer... what do we do 06/2/19
I think that maybe we should get involved because it could affect us as well - the extradition... Should we get involved -both sides 24/9/19