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Q: Should they be looking over the wall? A: In my opinion I think they shouldn't be looking... Weekly Competition #30 01/5/19
I'm open minded Take the skills-based personality quiz! 13/12/18
You just did, for future preference look at the right hand corner and press log in if not then... Weekly Competition #20 01/2/19
Uncle Sam is representing US tax payers while Trump is busy plotting his plan to build his 'big,... Weekly Competition #29 24/4/19
Money matters no matter what is wrong in the world' money puts things right Weekly Competition #13 05/12/18
I chose reformation (to try and change the behaviour of said criminal) although I don't think... Weekly competition #19 30/1/19
Sometimes it is hard to travel to other places because of the travel expenses. I also don't like... Weekly Competition #23 27/2/19
I used to think that Facebook was a good company and as I heard more controversial headlines &... Weekly Competition #24 06/3/19
I feel furious and sad. I feel furious because no one should discriminated because of their... Weekly Competition #3 26/9/18