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Am a student from outside UK, specifically, I am from Nigeria. This program has enlightened me... Your feedback - tell us what you think! 22/5/20
I think the indigent need someone to stand up for them Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 13/5/20
Scepticism is one of the skills a journalist is suppose to have , if a journalist is not sceptic... #35 - Skills for success 12/5/20
OPTIONAL REFLECTION. Corona virus has impacted different countries such as Australia extreme... Session 4: Making adaptations 13/5/20
Yes you are absolutely correct The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 12/5/20
Step 2 A speech to world leaders MY EXPERIENCE OF EXTREME WEATHER What is extreme... Session 5: Preparing a speech 22/5/20
The virus is spreading fast in Nigeria which is dangerous and unsafe for the citizens. The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 12/5/20
This obviously will be for me a destiny defining opportunity to articulate myself in this issues... UPDATED advice for Global Conversation students - please read! 11/5/20
Is there anything the government in other countries are doing to educate people about extreme weather? Session 2: Exploring extreme weather 13/5/20
Step 1 1. The weather is foggy. 2. Heatwave. 3. It was terrible because everywhere was... Session 1: Introduction 12/5/20
Yes you are correct, having a world war 3 will be dreadful because it doesn't only affect... Do we want A World War III? 17/5/20
So you mean more comments with new ideas give stars? How to win STARS on the Hub! 13/5/20
The world will have to take conscious responsibility in the fight against Covid 19, in... The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 11/5/20