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one thing is that his saying bad thing and he is killing people 😡💔👎 6 bad things Donald Trump has done. 03/2/20
i think earth because lot of thing are happering on earth😴🙏 What should come first Space or Earth? 16/12/19
yay i got 14😀 Politicians and Power Knowledge Quiz! 03/2/20
i think that human will be shocked because if there was aliens it will be weird. How would humans react if we really found aliens? 16/12/19
i think is worth it because the goverment is spening £1.3 billon pouds on space and the... Is Space Exploration Worth The Cost? 17/12/19
i think we cant but at the same time can because servive in space if you just have helmet on... Can we live in space? 19/12/19
i think that donald trump dosent make a good president😠. Special post: Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial 29/1/20
i think that sending robots to space is good because they know how to smarer stuff then us. Send robots into space, not humans 16/12/19