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Can’t other people have a say . Trump's Wall 10/5/19
Uncle Sam struggles to pay trumps wall Weekly Competition #29 25/4/19
Thank you for your comment LEAVE OR STAY 18/4/19
If we have not got a deal by 31 st October we have failed as a country because we had this much... Scotland vs England 17/4/19
I think a deal so we can have something to do or if we have a NO Deal we stuck of trading and we... Deal or No deal 13/4/19
This is very good piece of brexit work you have done. Well done @articulate_bilberry. Britain should remain in the EU or leave the EU. 06/4/19
It has taking almost 4 years for the government to find a deal and leave the EU. Why can't the... Is indirect democracy always what people want? 04/4/19
This is or due to indirect democracy Is indirect democracy always what people want? 04/4/19
Well is your opinion but Indirect decromacy does not always have to be about the mps decision it... Is indirect democracy always what people want? 04/4/19
8/10 Brexit Quiz: Give it a go! 04/4/19
How if you don’t have a visa you can’t correctly corss the contey MP Phil Wilson answers YOUR questions! 04/4/19
At the begin I found it really hard. But as I got through this websites I finally found some... Weekly Competition #28 04/4/19
I completely agree with your argument. I’m from Foxfield Primary school and me and my peers... VIDEO: Direct Democracy Speech 04/4/19
Why is Brexit such a chaos? Leave Means Leave campaign - ANSWERS! 04/4/19
This is mainly the answer because after a referendum it mostly effect the public.So the public... DIRECT: Why Is This The Answer 04/4/19
In our discussion we have considered having a second referendum because it would be a second... Should we have a second referendum? 04/4/19
Thanks you amsuing_bee's and I will work on that thanks peace out xx What does leave mean in Brexit? 28/3/19
In my opinion I think the Government is to blame because the if the government is leading the... Who's to blame? 29/11/18
I think the government is to blame as they just sat there and they could have helped they could... Who is to blame? 29/11/18
Fanical crisis can happen anytime anywhere it can be when you have lost a loved one or stopped... How Did People Lose Their Jobs From The Financial Crisis? 29/11/18
I agree with you and everyone else because we are taught about alcohol, drugs and things that... We need to have better education about finances in school. 26/11/18
I am sceptical about C because money does not make you happy its life that makes you happy. My... Weekly Competition #12 23/11/18
I agree with beloved_chocolate because that person has used the BNC skills and i have to think... what action would you take if there were to be anouther financial crisis 22/11/18
Why do you give money to the other banks across London? 1. Experts Answer YOUR questions! 22/11/18
This quiz made me more interested and curios about the crisis and also to add on i haven't done... Quiz time! What have you learnt so far? 22/11/18
I would invest in a charity like cancer research as that money can really help and possibly... Weekly Competition #10 15/11/18