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I believe that actions do speak louder than words. I believe this because, words are you SAYING... Weekly Competition #6 16 October 2018
If we weren't curious, we would make mistakes never, But if we were never curious, if we... Weekly Competition #5 09 October 2018
So I have said that I think the military should have as little power as possible, preferably... How much power do the Myanmar military have and is this OK? 04 October 2018
I feel pity and anger. I feel pity because the Rohingya people in Myanmar are being hurt and... Weekly Competition #3 25 September 2018
Thank you for the advice and reply, I found your pointers very useful and I'll be sure to work... Should Aung Sang Suu Kyi's peace prize be revoked? 20 September 2018
A few questions: -How much control do the military have in Myanmar, do they have enough control... Ask the expert: we need your questions! 20 September 2018
'Social media is a good place to find news' I both agree and disagree with this statement... Weekly Competition #2 20 September 2018
A single spot of joy and colour in a flood of poverty and sadness. Weekly Competition #1 11 September 2018