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Hi. I agree with the top two. I just don't think you should be so harsh. Some bankers are nice. Money matters...always! 07/12/18
Eighteen months is a long time for many people to be scarce of money for important things like food. Why Did the Financial Crisis Occur - Again? 03/12/18
I like the poem. I have heard the saying 'money doesn't grow on trees' before. ... Money poems..... 07/12/18
I took the test and the skill that I got is CURIOSITY. I think it is accurate because I ask lots... Take the skills-based personality quiz! 03/12/18
I agree quiet_region. Walls should not divide the people of our world! You decide 22/5/19
Looking at the first paragraph, I don't think the firefighters just need to be nice, but they... Are parents wages fare. 03/12/18
I liked this post, you stated the "pros and cons" of Mr Trumps wall. Keep up the good work. Trump and the Big Beautiful Wall 22/5/19
I got 10/10!Well done everyone! Try this quiz about borders! 22/5/19