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And i also don't think ciminals should be able to be president because there has to be a reason... Are the rules to becoming president in America fair? 25/9/20
Good luck everyone one the competition!๐Ÿ‘ #6 - Debate Decisions 09/10/20
I think Joe should be president because he seems more nicer and smarter Donald Trump or Joe Biden 09/10/20
Really nice comment๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ #7 - Listen to learn! 19/10/20
In my words I think you have to be 20+ to be able to be president.Because people that are adults... Should the age that you are allowed to vote be lowered? 09/10/20
I don't feel that its fair to not be able to vote or become president in America if you were not... Do you think it is fair that if you are not an American Citizen you can not vote? 06/10/20
I don't agree,because it's kinda not smart to only allow Americans be president because it's a... Are the rules to becoming president in America fair? 25/9/20
I think Joe Buden should win bcs Trump has been saying fake news him self!Which is really... Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 21/10/20
I wonder who will replace Trump now that he has the COVID and what will happen if he dies? What is trump doing now that he has caught the virus and will it affected us?? 06/10/20