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I fink that people should fink that should be president of America. Is fake news effecting election results 09/10/20
I fink Biden shud be president but sume people won't Doneld trump as preseden. Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 09/10/20
I think people of all ages should be adel to vote of who they won't fur their presedent of... What should you do if you dislike both candidates 13/10/20
If you get a criminal record I found out people should not become America president forever. Are the rules to becoming president in America fair? 25/9/20
Stay safe stay home save lives The coronavirus: Where to get your updates 07/10/20
People should not vote with reconishon because it mite not be aloud to be voting four presedent... Has anyone run for president without a rival? 19/10/20
I think it's cool to be the presedent of America because you wood be the man or woman in America. Trump vs Biden second debate: what did you think? 19/10/20
He became presedent of America because he had £90,000,000,000 American bolar. How did Donald Trump get the job to be the president not Hillary Clinton? 16/10/20