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I agree with you, the wall is a horrible idea to separate the people TRUMP or MEXICAN 03/6/19
I agree with you. To BNC staff 03/6/19
I think that the Trump's wall and Brexit are similar because they separate the people, and it... Trump's Wall & Brexit - Similarities and Differences 22/5/19
I agree with you. I think that people can go everywhere, because all of the world should be open... Why do we have walls??? 23/5/19
The's a good idea to speak to the problem of the world, it's a beautiful experience. To B.N.C. staff 03/6/19
I agree with you. I think that the refugees must be accepted because whoever escapes Is freedom of movement a good thing? 23/5/19
in my opinion, Trump built a needless wall to separate Mexico and USA, and USA spent much money... Trump's wall 09/5/19
Hi my name is romantic_cookie, the name of my school is Dante Alighieri, in Catania ( Sicily).... Welcome to our new schools! 09/5/19
in my opinion, the wall divides the Mexicans and USA people, and their families. Do walls protect or divide people? 09/5/19