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Thanks for commenting, it's interesting to see how other people look at the posts. Would being an MP make your life better? 07/2/20
That is very well done, how long did all that research take? First Past the Post Electoral System 06/2/20
Yes but it is a risk, it would be better to spend money down here on earth, maybe in space there... IS NASA WORTH IT? 09/7/20
Thank you for the information I totally agree with you, she does sound like a good... Who makes a great example of a leader to you? 08/2/20
I can't say MPs are good but with out them it would be chaos, because if no one gave a leader... why do we have MP's? 06/2/20
We all want to trust the PM but he is defiently not doing what he promised us and he knows that... Should we trust the Prime Minister? 07/2/20
I can see what your saying and really think it would be fairer if all votes went to the public.... Should all major decisions go to a public referendum? 07/2/20
In school, I had a whole topic on graffiti and I think it is rate one bad, unless you wan't it... Graffiti 08/7/20
Kid's don't get any money too pay too the NHS The NHS gets 20% of the taxes the Goverment get, they need more. 16/3/20
A lot of schools are very good, I never thought how many schools actually use this website. We... Updated: Where is your school on the leaderboard? 06/2/20
I think the things that affect peoples lives should go to the public like weather or not to... Should all major decisions go to a public referendum? 07/2/20
I agree to that comment, hopeful_city, an think you have made good point about art, I think we... Art-for everyone. 08/7/20
I think the NHS is our free health care, it is something that makes us proud to be British. It... Is the NHS worth fighting for? 15/3/20
I think stories are definitely art because of all the creativity that goes into creating them.... Are stories art? 08/7/20
Art is brilliant to relax you and clear your mind of any troubles, I think it is very helpful. Does art have the power to speak up for people? 07/7/20
What is the main topic of this new issue ? Ask questions of our new Hub volunteers! 07/3/20
I agree that art is for everyone, it looks different to everyone, one person might look at a... ART - Am I allowed to make it? 07/7/20
It would seem unfair on the person who didn't get what they wanted but loads of people vote not... Would it be fair if we voted for a politician but then the politician/party is not chosen? 06/2/20
The NHS are very useful and can save lives, but sometimes I think we expect them to work... Do we rely on the NHS too much? 07/3/20